Take Five With Beth Maitland (Traci, Y&R)

What errand do you hate to run?
“I hate to go to the grocery store. I can’t explain it because I really like food [laughs]. Just hate grocery shopping.”

What was your worst job ever?
“When I was in high school I cleaned a law office once a week. The head of the firm chewed tobacco and I had to mop under his spittoon. I moved it with the handle of the mop. Not very glamorous.”

What’s your favorite way to waste time? “I love to sit outside in the evenings around my firepit, which is like an outside living room for me, and sip wine and play with my dogs. I could play with my dogs all day!”

What do you spend too much money on? “Quilting fabric. I can never have enough and can never stop buying more. I won’t live long enough to make all my ideas and use all my fabric, so I just buy more.”

What is always in your fridge? “Champagne. Can’t be without it
when celebration hits.”