Soaps' Hottest Stars: Mark Grossman

What do you most enjoy about bringing Adam Newman to life? “I love that Adam is such a complex character. Obviously, the father/son relationship with Victor is complicated and I love that. I’ve always been drawn to characters who have messy lives — ‘Oh, Dad wasn’t around for my childhood so I had to pick up the pieces and make something of myself.’ I have some similarities in my own life with that. In a more practical way, it’s always exciting to see where the storyline is going and looking at it through Adam’s eyes. How I interpret that is an exciting part of being an actor.”

Why do you think Adam is so torn between Sharon and Chelsea? “With Sharon, it’s the ‘first love’ thing for him. I think the reason why Adam and Chelsea can relate to each other so well is because they both have this dark, manipulative, con-artist side.”

Adam’s relationships with his siblings are notoriously complicated. Who do you think Adam is most challenged by, Nick or Victoria? “Definitely, Victoria. She’s running Newman now and just because of that it seems like Victoria and Adam have a more adversarial relationship now. They’re both gunning for Victor’s approval. With Adam and Nick it’s more of a guy thing, like, ‘Screw you man!’ ‘No, screw you!’ ”

Do you think it’s possible for a guy like Adam to ever truly find happiness? “I don’t know. It’s nice to hope for that but I love watching him strive for love and acceptance from his father and family. For periods of time, I would like him to have a sense of happiness, like playing catch with Connor or feeling loved in a relationship, but I do enjoy the drama.”