Soaps' Hottest Newcomers: Tanner Novlan

How was your first day on set? “It wasn’t that long ago but it seems like it was. It was not a normal first day. It was the first day of shooting in America during a pandemic, so there’s a lot that stands out — the face masks and guidelines and regulations and the blocking, and just seeing everyone so focused on keeping everyone safe. It was very structured and well-choreographed. They’d done a lot of dry runs to make sure everyone would be safe and able to work and get the shots we needed. Yes, it was a little strange, but this is our new normal, and we were able to work around it, so it has been great.”

What do you like most about Finn? “He has a giant heart, and he’s ready to give it away. I think that’s going to be exciting to explore, because he has always put work first. Potentially falling in love with a woman who has had complicated relationships is going to be an 48 interesting dynamic to explore.”

How was your first meeting with Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy)? “I am really lucky to have Jacqui opposite me. She leads by example — on set she is always prepared but very approachable. If I have any questions, she’s always there to explain, ‘This is way we do this and that.’ And she is always fun to hang out with. She is always in a great mood. I’m lucky to have Jacqui opposite me.”

Have you been recognized yet by the B&B fans? “Not really, because I have been working a lot and we’re trying to stay responsible with the quarantine. I haven’t really had that experience yet. I’ve been lying low to try and stay safe, so I am really excited to interact with the fans once we get a handle on this pandemic.”