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Self Education: Sharon Case

1. This first question is going back to when Sharon first found out that Nick had slept with Grace…

Case: “Isn’t that when Sharon went to Denver?”

Hold the phone! The question was going to be, “In what city did Sharon get hit by a car?” and you just answered that.
So, you’re correct!

2. True or false: When Nick and Sharon owned Crimson Lights coffeehouse, they also opened a second location in Madison.

Case: “False! It was Milwaukee.”


3. Who was Sharon with when she found the corpse of Frank Barritt (Cassie and Mariah’s bio dad) in the sewer in 2004?

Case: “Well, there were a couple of people involved in that. Larry Warton had moved what she thought was Cameron’s body to the sewer and when he took Sharon down there to show her, Nikki came with them. The body turned out to be Frank and not Cameron.”


4. Why did Victoria fire Sharon from Newman?

Case: “Let’s see … Brad was either dating or engaged to Victoria at the time and I don’t think she had yet found out that Sharon and Brad had sex. I know Sharon wasn’t doing a bad job at Newman. Was that when Victoria found out that Brad and Sharon were making out in her car in the parking lot?”


5. Name all the men Sharon has been married to since divorcing Nick in 2007.

Case: “First she married Jack [2007]. Um, let’s see … She married Victor [2012]. Oh, she married Adam [2009] before that. Then there was Dylan [2015] and the last one was Rey [2020]. Even though she had a wedding with Tucker [2012], they never signed the marriage license or certificate so it was never valid.”


6. What was Sharon’s alias when she lived on the farm with Dr. Sam in 2011?
a) Sheri
b) Shannon
c) Sheila
d) Shelby

Case: “A.”


7. Why did Sharon elect to undergo electro-convulsive therapy in 2014?

Case: “I think that was when Sharon was seeing what she thought were visions of Cassie, so the electroshock was supposed to help stop the visions. It also gave her short-term memory loss and that’s how she forgot changing Summer’s paternity. Anyway, it turned out Victor had paid Mariah to haunt Sharon.”


8. What was the name of the shrink who drugged Sharon into believing she was pregnant in 2015?

Case: “She was the one who Sharon and Nick found dead in her office because she was stabbed by Patty. But the doctor’s name, I don’t remember … I think her first name was Sandy but I don’t recall her last name.”

The answer is Dr. Sandy Anderson, but we’ll give you half a point for remembering her first name.

9. What company has Sharon not been a spokesperson for?
a) Jabot Cosmetics
b) NVP wellness spas
c) Restless Style
d) Beauty of Nature Cosmetics

Case: “Oh, Restless Style. That was a magazine she ran with Jack, Nick and Phyllis, so she wasn’t the spokesperson.”


10. What object did Chelsea strike Sharon with to prevent her from telling Nick that Adam is Christian’s biological father?

Case: “A coffeepot! I’ll never forget the coffeepot. In fact, Sharon and Chelsea’s relationship has been defined by that coffeepot. Chelsea really clocked Sharon with it. But that’s all forgotten about because Sharon helped Billy find help for Chelsea after she tried to commit suicide. The slate has been cleaned for Sharon to find some new enemies [chuckles].”