Rylan on Reality TV

Marcy Rylan‘s Abby has a reality show, The Naked Heiress, on YOUNG AND RESTLESS. That begs the question: Which reality shows does Rylan watch?“I like anything that’s like talent events — I love SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, and I did recently watch a SAY YES TO THE DRESS marathon,” confesses Rylan.

For those readers who are unaware, TLC’s SAY YES TO THE DRESS takes place at Kleinfeld in New York City, which claims to be the largest bridal store in the world.

“I’ve actually been to Kleinfeld. I did a photo shoot for CBS Watch! Magazine, and we did it at Kleinfeld. The dresses were just absolutely beautiful,” raves the actress. “I don’t know if you realize, my fianc and I are actually unmarried, so I’ve been entertaining — somewhere in my head — [the idea of] planning a wedding at some point. I would definitely go to Kleinfeld. Their dresses are awesome. That’s the kind of reality show that I love. It’s watching every bride be so different; every person picks something so ridiculously different than the next person. I’m totally hooked. I watched an insane amount of it back to back.”

On SAY YES, no one is voted off or judged. “I think the only drama I saw on the show was during their blowout sale. They caught a girl in the dressing room trying to fold a dress into her purse, so that was big drama. It’s a totally supportive show. It’s all about finding which dresses match [a] girl’s personality. I like the reality shows that don’t hurt people [or] make you feel bad,” Rylan concludes.