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Record This: Your Handy Guide To Can't-Miss Episodes

Scott Clifton, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Howard Wise/


On Monday, November 13, Liam explains his love for Steffy (both above) and why she should leave Finn to reunite with him…. Steffy and Thomas are stunned to learn the truth about Eric on Tuesday, November 14, and Luna encourages Poppy to stand up to Li…. On Wednesday, November 15, Thomas struggles to accept Eric’s impending death, and the Logan sisters band together as Brooke delivers devastating news to Hope…. Liam is jarred to witness how serious Thomas and Hope’s relationship is on Thursday, November 16, and Luna is nervous to meet R.J.’s sister when Steffy invites them for dinner…. On Friday, November 17, Thomas passionately stands his ground with Brooke regarding Hope, and Steffy queries Luna about her feelings for R.J.

Emily O Brien, John Kapelos



On Monday, November 13, Melinda tries to stop Sloan from telling Eric the truth… Tate comforts Holly on Tuesday, November 14…. On Wednesday, November 15, Dimitri presses Leo to skip town…. Konstantin gives Theresa (both above) an order on Thursday, November 16….  On Friday, November 17, Sarah accuses Xander of foul play, and Chad makes Gwen an offer.

Dominic Zamprogna Finola Hughes

ABC/Christine Bartolucci


On Monday, November 13, Brook Lynn and Lois strategize; Nina unleashes her fury; Anna (above) briefs Jordan and Dante (above); Gregory opens up to Chase; and Michael is caught off-guard…. Ava counsels Trina on Tuesday, November 14, Dante interrogates Austin; Carly seeks out Sonny; Spencer makes a plea to Esme; and Finn gets bad news…. On Wednesday, November 15, TJ is left reeling; Marshall and Curtis connect; Cyrus issues a warning; Diane vents to Alexis; and Maxie makes a surprise announcement…. Dex cautions Josslyn on Thursday, November 16, Ava lashes out; Cody comes clean; Molly is blindsided; and Anna catches up with Sonny. On FridayNovember 17, Laura makes an offer; Robert seeks Felicia’s help; Josslyn shares some hard truths with Spencer; Sonny wants answers from Nina; and Willow encourages Carly.

Peter Bergman, Eileen Davidson

Howard Wise/


On Monday, November 13, Victor does damage control with Adam; Nate gives Victoria the cold shoulder; and Nick considers returning to Newman Enterprises…. Victor loses patience with the family’s infighting on Tuesday, November 14, while Jack and Ashley (both above) share a difference of opinion about their revenge plan, and Mamie offers words of wisdom to Nate…. On Wednesday, November 15, Victor gives Nick and Victoria an ultimatum, and Kyle’s loyalty shifts….  Jill confronts Tucker about working with Mamie on Thursday, November 16, and Victor offers Victoria a second chance…. On Friday, November 17, Daniel and Heather discuss their new dynamic, and Nina encourages Chance to start a new chapter.