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Quiz Show: Elizabeth Hendrickson

Digest: What year was Chloe, née Kate Valentine, born? a) 1990 c) 1992 b) 1991 d) 1993

Hendrickson: “Whatever makes her the youngest [laughs]. Although I wish it was 1993, I believe it was 1990.”

Digest: Correct.

Digest: What was the profession of Chloe’s biological father, Tiny?

Hendrickson: “A mobster? No, wrong show. My character’s father was a mobster on GENERAL HOSPITAL. He was Tiny the … tinker? Wait, plumber!”

Digest: Correct.

Digest: What profession did Chloe not work in? a) Designer c) Fashion editor b) Event planner d) Marketing

Hendrickson: “Event planner!”

Digest: Correct.

Digest: True or False: Chloe was married longer to Cane than Billy.

Hendrickson: “False?”

Goddard: Correct. Both marriages lasted 7 months.

Digest: What is Chloe and Kevin’s favorite movie?

Hendrickson: Pretty In Pink!

Digest: Correct. We were going to give you multiple choices, but you nailed it!

Digest: What was the name of the fashion retail website that Chloe and Kevin created?

Hendrickson: “I have no idea.”

Digest: TagNGrab.

Hendrickson: “I 100 percent don’t remember that at all.”

Digest: Who tried to kidnap Chloe by stuffing her into the trunk of a car?

Hendrickson: “Was it Michael Graziadei’s character [Daniel]?”

Digest: No.

Hendrickson: “Was it that super-cute guy, Wilson Bethel [ex-Ryder]?”

Digest: No.

Hendrickson: “I totally don’t remember.”

Digest: Carmine. For a bonus point: Who traded places with Chloe?

Hendrickson: “If I don’t remember Carmine, I’m not going to remember who let Chloe out!”

Digest: It was Abby.

Hendrickson: “Aww, that was nice of her … next question.”

Digest: Name the three ways Chloe has tried to kill Adam.

Hendrickson: “She shot him, she stun-gunned him and left him to die in that explosion, and she ran him over.”

Digest: Correct.

Digest: In her will, what did Katherine bequeath to Chloe?

Hendrickson: “I don’t remember.”

Digest: Her couture gowns.

Hendrickson: “Oh, I love that!”

Digest: True or False: After staging her suicide, the alias Chloe lived under while hiding out in Portland was Helen Jones.

Hendrickson: “That is true.”

Digest: Correct.

Final score: 7 out of 10.

Hendrickson: “I’m surprised I remembered anything that was older than three years. Well, I learned some details today that I clearly forgot, and that will probably soon leave my brain again. I remember doing these things but not the specifics, like I remember being in the trunk but not who put me there.”