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Quiz Show: Darin Brooks

Digest: What was Wyatt wearing when he first met Hope in 2013?

Brooks: “A huge leaf.”

Digest: Technically, the correct answer is nothing, but his nudity was covered up with a leaf. We’ll award half a point.

Digest: What was the full name of the company Wyatt helped his mother run?

Brooks: “Quinn Artisan Jewelers, I believe.”

Digest: Correct.

Digest: True or false: When Hope fled L.A. after she miscarried her and Wyatt’s baby at the close of 2014, she relocated to Paris.

Brooks: “Shoot…. I believe it was Italy, not Paris?”

Digest: Correct; Hope moved to Milan.

Digest: True or false: In 2015, Wyatt and Maya once shared a kiss.

Brooks: “False. She’s probably the one person Wyatt hasn’t been with yet.”

Digest: Correct, although Wyatt did kiss Maya’s little sister, Nicole.

Digest: When Wyatt and Steffy exchanged wedding rings in 2016, they were: a. Gold c. Titanium b. Platinum d. None of the above

Brooks: “I don’t think it’s any of those. It was a tattoo.”

Digest: Correct.

Digest: True or false: When Wyatt discovered that Quinn kidnapped an amnesiac Liam in 2016, the first thing the guys did when reunited was tie her to a chair until the police came.

Brooks: “False. We threw that crazy person in the closet!”

Digest: Correct.

Digest: Why did Quinn and Wyatt leave their hometown of Las Vegas so suddenly under the cover of night?

Brooks: “I’m not sure…. Did we ever say why?”

Digest: Correct. We are still waiting for an explanation as to why the Fullers fled Las Vegas so suddenly.

Digest: Where did Wyatt first run into his old flame, Flo, in March of 2019?

Brooks: “Bikini [Bar]!”

Digest: Correct. The lovebirds reunited when Flo was waitressing at the hot spot.

Digest: In 2020, what did Flo write on Sally’s underwear so that Wyatt would realize she was in trouble?

Brooks: “Help! Love, Flo.”

Digest: Incorrect, but not by much. It was, “Help me. Flo.”

Final Score: 8.5 out of 10.

Brooks: “These were all great! Number 8 was hard!”