Quick Take With Wes Ramsey

Peter just spilled the truth about his crimes to Valentin. Does he believe Valentin will keep his confidence? “Yes. Considering Valentin’s history of secrets himself, Peter believes he can trust him to keep his most guarded confessions.”

There are so many people on the canvas out to get Peter at this point, some of whom he knows about, some of whom he doesn’t. Whose vendetta against him do you think rattles Peter the most? “Obviously, Jason Morgan is the most dangerous and immediate threat at any given moment. He is the one person, based on their history, Peter has always tried to keep at a distance.”

How concerned is Peter about the potential consequences of Franco having aural hallucinations of his voice? “Not knowing how to predict what this could mean has kept Peter on edge, but considering he cannot control the outcome he has chosen to do what is necessary to discredit him altogether, using The Invader to exploit the return of Franco’s tumor.”

What is your take on the Peter/Britt dynamic and how Peter is feeling about his sister? “[She’s] Peter’s only known living sibling. Peter cares about Britt, but as soon as Peter realizes her loyalties may not lie with him, he’s quick to take advantage of what he needs from her and make sure she understands that he’s not to be trifled with.”

How is it to work with Kelly Thiebaud (Britt)? “Kelly is so great and I’m glad she brought Britt back to Port Charles. She’s a wonderfully gifted actor who exudes strength and confidence in her work. She’s incredibly professional and well prepared and I enjoy how much fun she has finding levity in her character’s personality. I look forward to seeing what’s in store for their future sibling rivalry.”

And what about Dominic Zamprogna (Dante)? “Dom is fantastic. The show definitely felt the empty space left behind after his departure and the subsequent energetic charge of his return. I remembered wishing I had had more scenes with him before he left and have been thrilled to be gifted with that now that he’s back. His ability to create an honest and naturalistic flow within his performance is something I both admire and study while watching him. Not to mention we both share an affinity for Porsche.”

Peter seems to be shaken by all the recent talk of Nathan. Why do you think this has gotten to Peter? “Growing up in the shadow of Faison’s abusive nature, Peter has always fought to excel beyond any perceived inadequacies in his life and Nathan’s image as a true hero flies in the face of Peter’s quest to become an honorable man in Maxie’s eyes, as well as the good people of Port Charles.”

As the double wedding approaches, how confident is Peter that everything will go to plan, and he’ll remain on track for the happily-ever-after he so longs for with Maxie? “His virtually obsessive due diligence to make sure he’s tied off all loose ends is his strength and is the reason why he is confident that he has truly earned his dream-come-true scenario. He’s a smart and properly guarded man based on his life experience. He believes he deserves to have it all now, having survived all he has to be where he is.”