Quick Take With Matthew Atkinson

With his wedding fast approaching, how does Thomas rationalize using Zoe to get to Hope?

“I think that Thomas’s thoughts on Zoe are kind of passive. I would say the way that Thomas feels about Zoe is more like he is dating someone that he enjoys spending time with but doesn’t really see a future with — that sort of level of commitment. Obviously, his eyes are still 100 percent focused on Hope. He’s still in love with her. In this situation, he’s finding another way to get at Hope, which is a bit ingenious of Thomas, in a way. I mean, he’s been pining after Hope for so long and I think generally, psychologically, any girl would probably be kind of through with it. But as soon as he pulls away and says, ‘Hey. I’m moving on,’ she’s kind of shown hints of feeling left out. She had it in her life for so long, this guy pining after her, and now, not so much. Now Thomas is ramping that up.”

How does Thomas justify the emotional turmoil he’s causing Douglas?

“Ironically, Thomas is making Douglas feel like Thomas felt when he was a child, you know, feeling like he’s losing one of his parents. That’s really the whole point of this. It’s kind of smart. Sadly, he’s using Douglas, again, to achieve those goals.”

After everything they’ve been through, does Thomas really believe he can still have a future with Hope?

“Yes. That whole kiss thing [between Liam and Steffy], I mean, come on…. Thomas sees the situation for what it is. I don’t understand how Hope and Steffy still have any feelings for Liam whatsoever. I just don’t get it. This guy obviously has no conviction and bounces back and forth between these two girls and doesn’t really give either of them the attention that they really deserve. Thomas sees that and he realizes that his sister still wants to be with Liam. And because at any point in time, this is what’s funny, if he ever wanted to get a rise out of his sister, he could manipulate Liam into kissing Hope again. All he has to do is give Liam the slightest nudge and he’ll go kiss another woman. Thomas has made a lot of terrible decisions, but what’s funny is that every time I have scenes where I get to either call Liam out for his behavior or Brooke for her behavior, it’s so easy because they’re sitting targets. They both have made horrible decisions in their lives. Thomas feels they’re so hypocritical, and when they try to throw it in Thomas’s face, it’s easy to throw it right back at them.”

Thomas does know how to zero in on what he wants.

“Yes. One of Thomas’s great strengths is that he can figure out what other people want really quickly.”

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