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Quick Take With Kimberlin Brown

Sheila has been released from jail. How is she feeling? “As you could imagine, shocked and surprised but very thankful. It’s nothing that she expected, quite honestly. I think she expected to go into that judge hearing and be told that she was going to be prosecuted and spend the rest of her life in jail, that sort of thing. So it was surprising to hear that what Bill did was illegal and what Bill did was wrong, because Sheila really did think that this was going to be the end for her.”

After the verdict, Sheila and Finn embraced in the hallway. How did she feel about that? “Amazing. It’s something that she’s wanted all along, and I think in her excitement and in that embrace with her son, the biggest surprise was when he embraced her back. That’s a big turning point, it feels like, for these two. You can’t deny the bond between a mother and her child, mother and her son. And she has been saying that for a long time, and now it looks like things are looking up.”

Sheila had a last good-bye with Mike before leaving prison. What does it mean to Sheila that he’s so loyal to her? “I believe sometimes that love is blind, and Sheila knows that she not only has a confidant in Mike, but somebody that will basically help her and do anything for her. Not exactly the most healthy thing for Mike Guthrie perhaps, but an incredibly healthy situation for Sheila. Mike has always been there for her and always comes through for her, regardless of the circumstance.”

What was it like to reconnect with Ken Hanes (Mike) for this story? “I absolutely adore Ken Hanes and I am blessed every single time I get to work with him. He’s a wonderful actor and an incredible human being. We go way back; you have to remember that Ken started on BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, maybe a few months after I did, and we have always had a great chemistry working with one another and we’re dear friends outside of work, as well. So when I was made aware that he was gonna come back and play with me, I just couldn’t have been happier working with him. Working with Ken is a good day.”

Sheila went right to Deacon’s after she was released. What is she hoping will happen for them? “He’s a big believer in second chances and it’s a huge moment for Sheila walking into Deacon’s place. Deacon is the one person that has always stood by her, in his own way, as much as he possibly could. She was relying on him to still be there and be supportive and he is.”

Her plan is to form a stronger bond with Finn. Does she feel that’s possible? “I think Sheila can accomplish pretty much anything that she puts her mind to and I think she’s definitely going to put her mind to fostering that relationship with her son.”

What can we expect from Sheila now that she is a free woman? “Now that she’s a free woman, you can expect anything and everything and she’s gonna bring it.”

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