Quick Take With Eden McCoy (Josslyn, GH)

Before the shutdown, Dev dropped the bomb on Josslyn that Cameron is into her. How do you think she reacted to that news? “I think it’s really complicated for Josslyn — and I think people know it would be, because first of all, Trina has history with him and they’re best friends, and Cameron is her best friend and she doesn’t want to overstep, and then she and Trina are also best friends, so it’s just a really weird combo of not knowing what to do and probably acting on that emotion. Maybe she does want to be with him, but what would Trina think? What would Dev think? What are her emotions for Dev? I mean, she made out with him. Where do you really go from there? I can only imagine that it’s just a web of different feelings, but that’s so exciting for me because I get to play a lot of different things. I want people to not know what’s going to happen. I don’t want to know what’s going to happen! I want to take it day by day and play around with it and shed a lot of different lights on it. When I think about that last scene, at first it seemed like she didn’t want to believe it — but maybe she does want to believe it because maybe it is what she wants to hear! There’s a lot to unpack and that’s always what you want, a lot of confusion and maybe anger and excitement. You know, it’s a teenager confusion moment! I have a lot of those, so I will be good to go. I’m ready.”

How do you think Josslyn would react if Cameron and Trina were to get together, which is another lingering possibility? Would she be jealous? “Yeah, I think she would be. She wouldn’t have a justification, really; it would just be an emotional thing for her because she’s so confused about her own feelings. It would be one of those things where you’re jealous, but you can’t really back it up, because she has been involved with other people and hasn’t paid that much attention to Cam. And Trina is one of her best friends, and she really does want the best for Trina, so I think it would be that conflicting emotion of wanting to be happy for her two best friends, while still being confused about her own feelings and thinking about what could have been, had she acted on those feelings that the audience has picked up on, and that Josslyn and Cameron have also picked up on a little, that thing of, ‘Oh, is there something between Cam and Joss?’ I feel like, yes, for Josslyn, but she doesn’t know how to handle those feelings.”

It would maybe feel safer for Josslyn to face her feelings for Cameron if he was unavailable because he was with Trina. “Oh, definitely! It’s just kind of a known fact that you always want what you can’t have. She feels like Cam has always been there and to see him involved with someone else would kind of clarify things for her, but also it makes her look like not the best friend to her best girlfriend, Trina, and I think Josslyn is the kind of person who would take that into account. So I think she’d kind of shove those feelings down. I don’t think she’s the type of person — like Carly, for example — to steal your man!”