Quick Take With Don Diamont

Despite Bill’s best efforts, Liam started to become unglued and eventually confessed to killing Vinny. “I was going to say, what do you mean, ‘started to come unglued’? He cracked like an egg. That’s my son. That’s my boy, so yeah, that was no surprise. In fact, I think Bill was surprised that Liam lasted as long as he did.”

Wyatt constantly badgered Bill to find out what was going on, which made for some funny scenes between you and Darin Brooks (Wyatt). “Right? We did a lot of those scenes, which was basically the same thing over and over — Wyatt constantly questioning and Bill constantly covering — but we would always throw things in there. With a heavy story like this, it’s important to try and inject some humor in there whenever possible.”

Your exchanges were constants in our Classic Lines column. “[Laughs] Thank you for that. We certainly were not playing comedy with this scenario. It’s obviously a dark, real situation and within that, yes, within these intense exchanges, those kinds of barbs can actually make people laugh despite the intensity, and I think as a viewer you need that.”

Were you ever concerned that Bill’s lack of empathy would make him seem villainous? “No. Anyone who knows Bill knows that his family is of the utmost importance. After what Vinny did to Liam and the utter disregard for what he did to the people he cares about, Bill would just as soon strangle him with his bare hands. In Bill’s mind, his revulsion and anger and disgust are justified. As far as Bill is concerned, Vinny got what was coming to him, so he is totally unapologetic.”

With their current legal troubles, how is Bill feeling about his and Liam’s futures? “Never count Bill out. He is obviously very concerned, and I’m actually wondering if there have been things of this nature in Bill’s past. Thankfully, Bill has Justin, but I don’t think Bill is not above offing somebody if he feels they are coming after him or his company or his family. Bill is very kind of mafia in this regard. It’s been a fun side of the character to play.”

Is there more to come from this story that we don’t know yet? “Come on! Isn’t there always [laughs]? I can’t wait to see myself.”