Quick Take With Bryton James

How have you been liking your current storyline with the dissension at Chancellor-Winters? “I’ve been loving it. For years, even back when Kristoff [St. John, ex-Neil] was still here, we’ve talked about how we needed to have a company where it was about the Winters family, so to have a company that represents both the Chancellor and Winters legacies is pretty incredible to me.”

There was this assumption that because it was a family operation that everybody would get along but that hasn’t been the case. “I knew from day one that if Nate was in the picture, there would be a problem. I’ve had this in my head ever since Neil passed away and in his will, he put Nate on the board of Hamilton-Winters. Devon didn’t like or appreciate that. It was never really touched on until around that time Lily and Devon started doing the merger. Devon has never liked the fact that Nate was put on the board of the company that Devon and Neil started together and that Nate had nothing to do with. So I knew the second they were putting Devon and Nate together in this new company, there were going to be fireworks.”

You and Sean Dominic (Nate) are good friends in real life. Do you guys love playing the clashes between your characters? “Oh, absolutely. We’re having a blast. I mean, any scenes where there’s high-stakes drama and you get to do and say things you wouldn’t in real life is a lot of fun.”

Nate betraying his own family is pretty unforgivable, don’t you think? “I mean, to Devon it sure is, but Victor and Victoria making plans to go after Chancellor-Winters is pretty messed up and will create some stuff in the future, too. Katherine and Neil were close friends to Victor, so this just really shows that at the end of the day, it’s about business, which Devon can respect, but he doesn’t like the cutthroat part of it. I can’t wait until Devon finds out what the Newmans tried to pull off.”

It seems that Devon will undoubtedly be disappointed because he and Victor shared a solid friendship, or so he thought. “Devon has always had Victor’s back, just because Victor gave Devon his first job. That’s why Devon will never call him Victor; he’s always called him Mr. Newman out of respect. It will be a fun story to play when Devon learns that Victor supported Victoria’s plan to take over Chancellor-Winters.”

How do you like having Tucker back in Genoa City? “I love it. There’s just so much history to play and so much story to create. What’s coming up will be really complex because Devon respects his dad and appreciates what he’s done for him. Tucker was the one who paid to have Devon’s hearing restored, then mentored Devon when he was starting his own record label. But then, Tucker fell off the earth during that time when Devon had his money stolen by Colin, and Tucker never showed up for Devon after Neil died. Neil was the only real father figure in Devon’s life and now his biological father is back, so that should provide some really rich story, which I’m really looking forward to.” 

How has it been to work with Trevor St. John (Tucker)? “It’s been great and Trevor is doing a fantastic job. He came in hitting the ground running. He’s just a pleasure and a breath of fresh air to work with. I can already tell that Tucker and Devon’s story will be a lot of fun.”