Q: How many original cast members are left on PASSIONS?A: Twelve. They are: Galen Gering (Luis), Lindsay Hartley (Theresa), Liza Huber (Gwen), James Hyde (Sam), Brook Kerr (Whitney), Ben Masters (Julian), Juliet Mills (Tabitha), Tracey Ross (Eve), Eva Tarmargo (Pilar), Kim Johnston Ulrich (Ivy), Rodney Van Johnson (TC) and McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan).
Q: Is Paloma’s Hispanic accent real?A: Yes, her portrayer Silvana Arias was born and raised in Peru. She starred in several Spanish soap operas. In fact, Paloma is her first English-speaking role.

Q: Is Tracey Ross (Eve, PASSIONS) the daughter of Diana Ross?A: No, the singer’s daughter is Tracee Ellis Ross (Joan, GIRLFRIENDS). Incidentally, the star’s other daughter Rhonda Ross Kendrick appeared on a soap as ANOTHER WORLD’s Toni Burrell.
Q: If Miguel and Kay never dated, how did she have his baby?A: Miguel was committed to Charity, so Kay disguised herself with her cousin’s “essence” and seduced him.

Q: Charity is being portrayed by someone different. Who is it?A: The actress playing Charity is Kristina Sisco, who appeared on ATWT from 1999-2002 as Abigail after replacing Emmy Rossum in the role. Sisco is the second actress to play Charity. The part was originated by Molly Stanton when the show debuted. Stanton left in 2004.
Q: Did Alistair leave a will, or is everyone assuming that Theresa is in charge of Crane Industries?A: Yes, when the Crane patriarch was stabbed on New Year’s (months prior to the adventures in Rome during which Alistair perished), he made a video will naming Theresa as the head of Crane until Little Ethan is old enough to take over the company.
Q:Why did Grace Bennett leave Harmony?A: She left town with David Hastings, who convinced her that he was her first, forgotten husband. In truth, Ivy hired David and his faux son in a plot that played on Grace’s amnesia. (She still has no memory of life before Sam.) in 2006, Kay exposed Ivy’s scheme. A shocked Grace looked forward to reuniting with her real family.

Q: My friend says another actress originally played Rebecca. That’s not true, is it? A: Your friend is correct. Back in 2000, BRADY BUNCH alum Maureen McCormick (ex Marcia) was cast as Rebecca, but she only aired in a handful of episodes. Andrea Evans assumed the role and made it her own when Rebecca “returned to town” in 2001.

Q: How many kids does Julian have? A: Four: Fox, Fancy and another daughter (with Ivy) and Endora (with Tabitha). He raised Ethan, believing he was his first son with Ivy. However, he learned Sam is Ethan’s father in 2001. He currently thinks that he fathered Theresa’s son, Little Ethan, but she recently found out that Ethan is the boy’s dad. And in summer 2006, he learned that Chad, the boy he thought he had with Eve, is actually his half brother, not his son. Phew!Q: Is Endora played by twins? No. Although most TV tykes are played by alternating twins in scenes, Nicole Cox portrays the little witch solo.
Q: When Siren was singing, was that the real voice of the actress who played her??A: Yes, Brandi Burkhardt’s voice was used when Siren is warbling.
Q: Are Lindsay and Justin Hartley (Theresa and ex-Fox) married in real life? And what happened to Justin?A: Yes, the good-looking couple wed in 2004, shortly before welcoming daughter Isabella. In 2005, Justin Hartley decided not to renew his contract order to pursue other projects and he left the soap in 2006. He went on to play Green Arrow in several episodes of SMALLVILLE during the 2006-07 season.
Q: What is Spike’s real name?A: Herbert Lester.
Q: Didn’t PASSIONS have another living doll after Timmy died?A: Actually, two more arrived in 2002, the same year PASSIONS lost actor Josh Ryan Evans and his beloved character Timmy. With Tabitha (and fans) in mourning, Zombie Charity created Cracked Connie (Kacie Borrowman) to fill the void. When the evil character didn’t take off with fans, Connie created her own boy toy, Cecil (Arturo Gil). Fans still weren’t interested, many believing Timmy’s magic was irreplaceable, so the dolls ultimately skipped town.

Q: Is that Lindsay Hartley (Theresa) singing the theme song?A: No, Jane French is the voice behind “Breathe.”
Q: Where is Harmony?A: Harmony is a fictitious, small town in New England. A state has never been specified.
Q: Are Brook Kerr (Whitney) and Tracey Ross (Eve) really singing on PASSIONS?A: No and yes. Vocalist Jania Foxworth’s voice is being played while Kerr lip-syncs as Whitney. However, it is Ross’s voice that you hear when Eve sings.

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