New Gig For DAYS’s Eric Martsolf

DAYS’s Eric Martsolf (Brady) is starring in a new hybrid audio and visual podcast called Ride Share. “Ride Share is a spin-off of the popular podcast anthology series Digital Sky,” he explains. “I was privileged to portray the character of Keith in their pilot episode, and shortly thereafter was informed that the producers wished to do an entire series off of my episode.”

The series is “inspired by the apps we use every day, and it’s centered around Keith, who is a modern-day con man,” Martsolf elaborates. “He’s a player, and loves to manipulate situations for his own entertainment.”

As both an audio and visual podcast, “Each episode will have an audio version available on platforms like Apple podcasts, but also have a video/animated version on Digital Sky’s YouTube channel. It’s new and groundbreaking in that instance.” In light of the pandemic, everything has been shot remotely thus far. “I don’t even have to wear pants when working!” he quips. “We have four episodes currently produced, and a planned six more to go. The Digital Sky team has future endeavors for this series, possibly even a televised version. I would encourage those who love fan fiction to dive into this.”

The actor is, of course, also back at work at DAYS. “I am thrilled to be working again,” he beams. “Even though the socialization aspect at work has diminished greatly as a result of the precautions, we are definitely finding our way back. Trying not to hug my peeps is difficult, and the makeup room feels more like a surgical room than anything else. It’s so sterilized and safe, a kidney transplant could be done on top of foundation and eyeliner! As far as Brady is concerned, he’s like riding a bike. I just had to put his jeans back on and I was instantly familiarized.”

To check out the podcast, click here or here.