More Emmy Reactions

"It's cool!" smiles John McCook (Eric, B&B), who snagged his second Lead Actor nomination since his first one back in 2001. "Almost everybody [from B&B] is in Italy, so I had a fantasy of them calling me from a bar at the end of a shooting day having drinks in Italy and calling me on a speaker phone. It didn't happen that way, but I have gotten a lot of e-mail messages from [B&B Head Writer/Executive Producer] Brad [Bell] and from folks who are over there. Isn't that cool? But, frankly, I gotta say that I'd rather be there than sitting on my bed reading a bunch of E-mails!" he laughs. "I'm very, very happy and fulfilled. I submitted the very scenes between Eric and Stephanie when he's asking for more intimacy from her," he shares. "And how cool for [fellow B&B nominees] Heather [Tom, Katie] and Jacquie [MacInness Wood, Steffy], too?" … Robert S. Woods (ex-Bo, OLTL) was surprised by his Lead Actor nomination news. "What a day!" he chuckles. "I was out in the backyard, I heard my wife [Loyita Chapel, ex- Blaize] yelling for me and I had a shovel, picking up after the dog! She'd heard from Billy Warlock [ex-AJ, GH et al] and Julie Pinson [ex-Janet, ATWT et al], who had called. This has always been one of those feel-good things. It's icing on the cake! Erika [Slezak, ex-Viki] and I already spoke. I talked to Hillary [B. Smith, Stacy, B&B; ex-Nora] and heard from Robin [Strasser, ex-Dorian]. It just started off like any other day … with the shovel! Now I can put my feet up for a little bit!"