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Lauralee Bell’s Lifetime Movies Network Film Airing Tomorrow

Lauralee Bell

Y&R’s Lauralee Bell (Christine) takes a break from courtroom drama to play a doctor in the TV thriller, NIGHTMARE TENANT, which premiers March 22 on Lifetime Movie Network. “I play a single mother, Carol Allen, who’s a doctor and her daughter is going off to college,” the actress explains to Digest. “The daughter is very concerned because she doesn’t want her mom to be all alone in this big house, so she suggests, ‘Why don’t you grab some college student here in town to live with you, so you’re not alone?’ The next day at work, Carol is examining a young patient with a very sad story, so without even thinking, my character says, ‘You know what, until you’re back on your feet, come stay with me.’ She moves in and Carol’s world starts to crumble a little bit and she’s really not sure why. It’s really important that you watch the first six minutes of the movie because it really sets up the whole reason why things happen the way they do. There’s a scary element to this movie. I had to look away from a scene that I’m not even in because I was actually a little frightened.” For this project, Bell worked with the same production team that put out her last Lifetime movie, MISTRESS HUNTER, but this time she got to do more than act. “They are a great group of people and were kind enough to offer me executive producer credit,” smiles Bell. “Lifetime Movies Network is, for so many people, that comfortable channel where you know there’s good quality programming. I hope this is the beginning of even more projects. I always love coming back to Y&R, but if I’m fortunate to do something like this once or twice a year, that would be ideal for me.”

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