Kristoff St. John’s Ex Opens Up On EXTRA

kristoff mia

Credit: JPI

Mia St. John, the ex-wife of the late Kristoff St. John (ex-Neil), gave an interview to EXTRA about how she is coping in the wake of his untimely death. “I’m so used to having Kristoff as my rock… he was always just there for me,” she told the TV show. Mia also recalled the last phone call she had with her ex. “Even though we talked every day, this call was a very different call,” she revealed. “He kept saying he wanted to die, but he said in a different way this time that really struck me. He tells me to hang on one second, that [the couple’s late son] Julian’s at the door, and I just started screaming ‘No!’ ” Mia added that Kristoff never recovered from the blow of losing Julian, who died by suicide on November 23, 2014. “He was so tortured since our son passed, he felt so much guilt… he felt like he failed his son,” she says. For the full story, go to