John-Paul Lavoisier Weighs in on OLTL Cancelation

John Paul Lavoisier BERGMAN 2011 LARGE

OLTL's John-Paul Lavoisier weighs in on his soap's cancelation: "Yeah, you know. All good things must come to an end sometimes. Farah [Fath] and I have plans to head out to L.A. as soon as the show wraps. Time for me to pound the pavement in another town I suppose. We are actually very anxious and excited for all the new jobs ahead. I wish everyone at AMC and OLTL the very best of luck in their careers and personal lives that are to come after November of 2011. I will forever feel extremely blessed to have worked on the final nine and a half years of one of the longest running television shows in the world's history. Thank you, Brian Frons for letting us all work under your amazing talent and decision making for all this time. Thank you."