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James Hyde on Fatherhood

“I never thought I’d ever have a son born in Los Angeles,” declares Passions’ James Hyde (Sam), “because I’m a Midwestern boy. I didn’t travel a lot when I was growing up. I went to Arizona to visit my uncle, but that was about it. Of course, when I started traveling, I never thought I would live in L.A.”

While Hyde has adjusted to life in LA LA land, he concedes he’s still a bit nervous about raising his newborn child, son James Moses, there. “I am, because I’m not from a big city. I had great opportunity and facilities back in Ohio. As a matter of fact, I took my wife to my high school and she said, ‘My God, what college is this?’ It’s down in a valley and it’s huge. Public schools out here, you’ve really got to watch yourself. When my son was born, they gave me a booklet in the hospital of all the private schools in the area, how much the tuition, etc. I’ve heard horror stories — you have to be on the waiting list for years and, I’ve heard in L.A., it’s all about donation. So, I’ll be picking out a school and trying to do a fund-raiser,” he says with a laugh, adding that fatherhood “is a lot of hard work, but it’s so funny. You get so tired. At 3 in the morning, he’s crying. Then, he’ll laugh and it’s all worth it. You understand that this person doesn’t know anything and is just crying out because he’s hungry or cold and you’re the one who is responsible for this living being. Having a baby changes everything — in a good way.”

After a month away from the show — two weeks from the show’s hiatus during the Olympics, and two weeks of paternity leave — Hyde is eager to start mixing it up in Harmony again. “I heard [Ivy’s secret] is going to come out. I’m just eager to get back and see what’s cooking. I’m sure (PASSIONS’ creator/head writer) James Reilly will find something!”

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