Greg Vaughan On His Return To DAYS

Eric returns to Salem this week, which means his portrayer, Greg Vaughan, is back on the scene — and sticking around. “I’m revisiting the character, and putting the training wheels back on, seeing where he’s matured while dealing with the aftermath of Eric and Nicole’s marriage not working,” begins the actor. “I think there’s a lot of growth that’s taking shape, so he’s coming to make amends.”

Eric is also a priest again, which was a surprise to Vaughan. “I thought I closed that door and left it behind me,” he muses. “But I do see the purpose and the reason. It’s not the main focal point, but it was a good reason to come back and for me to revisit everybody after Covid and the shutdown. It was fun and it helped kind of kick-start the story again.”

The actor, who returned for a brief visit in July, has enjoyed reconnecting with his castmates. “There’s new faces, but some of the pretty, old faces are always good to see,” he smiles. “And being welcomed back with open arms and people telling me they missed me is a nice plus. It’s nice to see people that I loved and cared about, and I’m happy to catch up on where they’re at and their life in general. We’re getting through these hard times and that’s the beauty of it all — to be grateful and appreciative and just work.”

He was also happy to work with Arianne Zucker (Nicole) again. “Once we come together, you know it’s going to be good,” he smiles. “There’s going to be this magic, this little connection. It’s really like getting on a bike; it’s so easy. We get together and we don’t have to rehearse, so it’s just nice to be in her company. We have really great stuff together and it’s always lovely to do. I always look forward to it. It’s never a dull moment with her.”

Vaughan, who first aired in 2012, says he’s excited about playing out the next chapter of Eric’s story. “I just want to take it down a new road,” he says. “I’m very curious. I’m really taking a different approach, and just trying to see if I can navigate where his path leads him. I just want it to be interesting. DAYS has been such an integral part of who I am and I’m proud of what I’ve been able to do in my time here. It’s just been great and I’m really trying to show that there’s been a growth experience for Eric between where he was and where he is now.”