GH's Michael: Speaking in Confidence

When big brother Dante gets soused, GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Michael is there to dry him out — and hear him out when Dante becomes talkative. Chad Duell talks to us about why Michael finds it so easy to open up to Dante — and especially Abby.Soap Opera Weekly: Does Michael enjoy having an older brother?

Chad Duell: Michael likes having an older brother. He feels very mature as it is, so it’s nice to have an older brother to bond with and talk with. He has really grown to like Dante a lot, and helping each other out just enhances it. He helped Michael get out of prison, and Michael’s trying to repay the favor any way he can. One step is picking him up when he’s drunk and hearing him out! He tries to make homemade hangover remedies and stuff like that. It’s really nice that they’re starting to bond.

Weekly: Does Michael find it easy to talk with Abby because she’s a stranger?

Duell: Yes! He mentions that he can start with a clean slate. She doesn’t know about his baggage; what’s happened to him in the past. She knows nothing about his family. He can start fresh to build whatever they’re building — a friendship, right now. It’s great, because she doesn’t look at him a certain way; he’s just a person she’s trying to get to know.

Weekly: Michael doesn’t get that sense of anonymity with anyone else, let alone kids his own age.

Duell: He doesn’t have anyone around him that’s like that. Everyone at Michael’s school knows about his past, that he’s been in prison. Abby is a little older. Kids in high school are completely different; I don’t know how old her character actually is, but Michael needs to be with someone more mature. She’s perfect for him to be friends with; moreso than kids in high school.

Weekly: Might Michael confide his terrible prison experience to her?

Duell: Maybe at some point, but that’s the last thing he wants to talk about with anyone. When he thought that she knew what happened to him in prison, he kind of freaked out. He freaked out when she even brought up that topic. He’s not ready to speak about that yet.

Weekly: Will we ever find out what Carter did to him?

Duell: I don’t know when that’s going to happen, but I bet Michael will never want to talk about it. Why would he ever want to talk about something like that, unless it gets to a breaking point? Right now, he’s trying to build a nice friendship with Abby. I don’t see him wanting to talk about that anytime soon. I know people want to know what happened, but Michael doesn’t want to talk about it.