GH’s Kin Shriner and Trish Ramish get candid about their relationship

Soap Opera Digest: Who made the first move?

Trish Ramish: “Well, we met in 1994. I was having dinner with my cousin at my friend Bob’s restaurant and Kin was eating dinner at the bar because he knew the waiter, who was a mutual friend of ours. He said to Bob, ‘Who’s that girl you’re talking to?’ and he said, ‘That’s my friend Trish, she’s one of Cher’s dancers. Why, do you want to ask her out?’ And Kin said, ‘She’s out of my league.’ How sweet is that? But he asked me out anyway, a couple of weeks later, and of course I said yes.”

Kin Shriner: “Yes, I think he said some- thing about me picking her up and I said, ‘She’s probably out of my league.’ But I really don’t remember how it went from that to where we are!”

Digest: What’s a standout memory from early in your relationship?

Ramish: “If I remember correctly, on one of our first dates, he told me some friends were coming to meet us at the restaurant we were going to for dinner, and it was Jack Wagner [ex-Frisco] and his [now-former] wife, Kristina [Wagner, Felicia]. I remember meeting them at a bar, and then they went on their way and we had our dinner alone. Most of the time, our dates were going out to dinner. He has beautiful taste in restaurants.”

Shriner: “When we met, I had recently built a house in the hills up in Beverly Glen and I remember she liked the custom Jacuzzi bathtub that had never been used because the house was relatively new and I was more into steam showers. I think she started dating me to get that bathtub!”

Digest: Who is more romantic, you or your partner?

Ramish: “Uh, definitely me. I’m all about romance and flowers and decorating for the holidays.”

Shriner: “In Covid times, I think it’s up “In Covid times, I think it’s up for grabs. It’s very hard to be romantic in any capacity with Covid going around!”

Digest: What’s your Valentine’s Day vibe with your partner?

Ramish: “I always go all out and buy tons of flowers and dress up the house. Kin’s favorite thing is crumb cake and — I’m such a geek — I have a heart-shaped pan, so Valentine’s Day morning, I’ll make a heart-shaped crumb cake.”

Shriner: “I don’t need much of an excuse to have some caviar or a fancy dinner, whether it’s New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day. I don’t know what we’ll do this year because it’s not like we can make a dinner reservation with all the restaurants shut down! I hope we can be romantic again some day.”

Digest: What’s your favorite place you’ve visited with your partner?

Ramish: “The Bahamas. We love the Bahamas. We’re so sad we can’t go this year because of Covid.”

Shriner: “The Bahamas. She likes the beach; she’s perfectly fine laying out on the beach or poolside. I’m a little more active on a vacation.”

Digest: What’s your partner’s best domestic skill?

Ramish: “Kin’s best domestic skill is being a cook, because I’m not! He loves food and he’s like, ‘How can I be with some girl who doesn’t cook?’ But he’s very good at it and I love the food that he makes.”

Shriner: “Policing the kitchen. I like a good policewoman who can clean up the mess that’s at hand!”

Digest: What domestic skill could your partner stand to improve on?

Ramish: “Cleaning up! Everybody that knows Kin knows that’s not his strong point.”

Shriner: “She doesn’t really cook much. She has a handful of recipes that she knows, like linguini and clams, but she’s not really known for her kitchen skills.”

Digest: What’s the cutest thing your partner does?

Ramish: “Be really sweet to the dogs. He’s not an animal person at all, so when I see him being sweet to Coco, cuddling her, it’s so sweet.”

Shriner: “She loves her little dogs. She spends a lot of time with them, walking the dogs and taking care of the dogs. The dogs are still like puppies to her even though they’re like 60 in dog years.”

Digest: What TV show do you most enjoy watching together?

Ramish: “We have so many shows that we watch together! We’re binge-watching the old DEXTER and we watch [REAL TIME WITH] BILL MAHER every Friday night.”

Shriner: “We’ve been watching YOUR HONOR, this new show with Bryan Cranston, together. Before that, it was THE UNDOING. We watched DEXTER, which she’d never seen before and I loved but hadn’t seen in a long time.”

Digest: What TV show do you watch that your partner can’t stand?

Ramish: “Anything that’s really girly, he won’t watch. THE PROM on Netflix is a recent one.”

Shriner: “TCM. I love it, but I think things that are in black and white are just noise to her.”

Digest: What’s your favorite quality in your partner?

Ramish: “His humor. He is the funniest guy.”

Shriner: “Her patience. Trish somehow deals with my shenanigans. So far.”

Digest: What do you do that gets on your partner’s nerves?

Ramish: “He leaves everything lying around and then I put it away and he can’t find it. ‘What did you do with my sunglasses?!’ ”

Shriner: “What don’t I do?!”

Digest: What would be the title of a movie about your relationship?

Ramish:The Poseidon Adventure.”

Shriner:Throw Trish From The Train [laughs]? I don’t know, but it’s not Romeo and Juliet right now!”

Digest: What has your relationship with your partner taught you?

Ramish: “To be social! He’s the most social, inquisitive, friendly person.”

Shriner: “How to cook! Someone’s gotta do some cooking around here.”