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GH Star Releases New Album

James Patrick Stuart (Valentin) is marking the release of his second album, Clean Slate, a follow-up to 2019’s The Apple Tree. “I’m definitely more evolved as a producer and a performer at this point,” says Stuart, who adds that when it came to track selection, he focused on “songs that through my life I’ve just been thinking about, songs that really meant something to me.” He was thrilled to collaborate and record with a number of musical idols, including drummer Omar Hakim, who had an enormous influence on him as a percussionist. He jokes, “During Covid, it occurred to me that there were guys out there twiddling their thumbs who would normally be touring. When you’re stuck at home during quarantine, you get this sense that people are looking to do stuff! I’m sitting there growing fat as a lamb eating pretzels and watching OZARK for the third time and I’m thinking, ‘Maybe they are, too!’ ” Clean Slate is available now on Apple Music, Amazon Music and other digital music platforms, and CDs (including a limited number of autographed CDs) can be purchased on