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GH: Sneak Peek At Jax’s Return!

Ingo Rademacher

Credit: Steven Bergman

After a three-year absence, Ingo Rademacher’s Jax returns to Port Charles on Monday, August 1 — and has some strong opinions about Carly’s inquiry into Josslyn’s mysterious kidney donor. “It’s a phone call from his daughter that brings Jax to town,” previews Rademacher. “Josslyn says, ‘Carly has made this whole thing public,’ and Jax wants to keep a lid on it for many reasons. One is that if something comes out that’s bad news for Josslyn, he wants to protect her, and the other is that he knows Carly too well! He doesn’t believe that Carly will give the whole search up after one conversation with their daughter.” Co-Head Writer Shelly Altman enthuses, “We’re at a point in this story where he was exactly the right person to be entering, as Josslyn’s father and given his past relationships to everyone on the canvas. We’re really excited about having him back.” For more about Jax’s reunions with his Pine Valley friends (and foes), check out the new issue of Digest.