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GH Preview: Griffin Wants To Come Clean

Bree Williams, Matt Cohen

Credit: JPI

Next week on GH, Griffin decides he has had enough of keeping mum to Nathan and Maxie about his past with Claudette. “I think he’s seeking the freedom of getting it off his chest and moving on,” reasons Griffin’s portrayer, Matt Cohen. “He’s just had constant torment and inner turmoil over pulling the trigger, over, ‘Do I say it or not say it?’ ” If Claudette has her way, he’ll opt for not saying it. “They both have a stake in Griffin not telling [Nathan],” points out Bree Williamson (Claudette). But by advocating for his silence, she says, “I think Claudette is trying to protect Griffin.” Ultimately, the decision may well be out of their hands, when Nathan and Maxie find Claudette and Griffin together. For more on this story, check out the new issue of Soap Opera Digest.