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GH Mourns Beloved Producer Nneka Garland

Nneka Garland, a beloved behind-the-scenes player at GH since 2001, passed away at the age of 49 after suffering a heart attack. Born in New Jersey, Garland’s soap career began at ONE LIFE TO LIVE, where she served as an assistant to Executive Producer Jill Farren Phelps. When Phelps took over the reins at GH, Garland made the move with her from OLTL, working as a production coordinator, then an associate producer, then a coordinator producer, and was named a producer in 2021. Said Executive Producer Frank Valentini in a statement, “It is with a sadness (and utter disbelief) that I must share the passing of our beloved Producer, Nneka Garland. Universally adored by everyone at GH, Nneka brought out the best in all of us. Her endless patience and incredible empathy made her the person we went to for advice, a hug or just to see her beautiful reassuring smile. In big and small ways, her kindness touched and enriched each of us. Nneka’s tireless efforts during Emmy season, the pandemic’s pressures and the day-to-day challenges of our shooting schedule never rattled or upset her. She’d just shrug and say, ‘We’ll make it work, babe.’ And she did, always. Her absence will leave a hole in our lives — one that can only be filled by reflecting on all the wonderful memories that we’ve shared with her. My aunt used to say, ‘You can tell when someone you love is great by the happiness they create when you’re together.’ Nneka created that happiness every minute of every day. How lucky we all are to have known her, to have loved her and to be loved by her. She will be deeply missed.” Emma Samms, who will be back on screen as Holly next month, shared with Digest, “She was just the most lovely spirit and so full of life, and she was such an important part of the show for such a long time. Everybody is completely in shock and just deeply, deeply sad.” Several cast members paid tribute to Garland on social media, including Laura Wright (Carly), who wrote, “I’ve never met a person with a bigger heart and a smile to match. My heart is really really sad.” Echoed Tamara Braun (ex-Carly/ex-Kim), “No matter what kind of stress went on around you at work you somehow always had an amazing ability to keep things together. You juggled a lot of responsibilities (more than you should have had) and a lot of strong personalities and you always kept a level head when most would have lost it. You NEVER did. Your kindness, your warmth, your love, our conversations about real things… I will remember. I cannot believe you are gone.” Kelly Thiebuad (ex-Britt) wrote, “ If General Hospital was a house, Nneka was the walls that kept the house standing. She was everything to our show and to everyone that worked there.”

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