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Exclusive: Jacqueline Grace Lopez On Her GH Return

Jacqueline Grace Lopez is returning to the GH canvas as Blaze, the songstress she began playing in 2022. The actress tells Digest that after wrapping her last arc in April, “In my head, I thought I probably would come back, but as a bit of a stunt cast. I thought there would maybe be a scenario where Chase needed to serenade Brook Lynn and needed backup, and I’d show up, I don’t know, singing in a golf cart or something [laughs]. But it never occurred to me that we would actually explore a continued story for Blaze.” She was delighted to find out that a continued story was exactly what GH had in mind. “I was out picketing when I got a text message from [Casting Director] Mark Teschner saying, ‘Hey, can I give you a call?’ He told me, ‘There’s a story arc coming up and Frank [Valentini, executive producer] would love for you to be a part of it. Are you available?’ It was surreal and really exciting.” Her first scenes will be with Kate Mansi (Kristina) and Amanda Setton (Brook Lynn). “Kate has great ideas and was so fun to work with, and I adore Amanda,” Lopez enthuses. For more with the actress, check out the new issue of Soap Opera Digest, on sale now.