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Exclusive: GH’s Nancy Lee Grahn On Today’s Alexis-Centric Episode

Nancy Lee Grahn will mark 25 years on GH this September, an imminent milestone the show is marking with a special Alexis-centric episode on April 8.

Grahn reports, “Most of my scenes were shot in one day. Lines when they are written well are easy to learn. When you like what you’re doing it’s not hard, it’s fun. I will say that I had walked into a Rite-Aid and luckily got a leftover Moderna vaccine the night before the shoot. I was fighting some serious fatigue I wasn’t expecting, but focus remedied that.”

The episode is set on the eve of Alexis beginning her three-year stint in Pentonville for attacking Dante. “Not good would be an understatement,” says Grahn of Alexis’s state of mind. “I will say that she knows she can’t stop drinking unless she faces her life as it really is and not as she’s faked it thus far, and she is perhaps forcing a brutal bottom in order for her to rise again from the ashes. Doesn’t get much more brutal for a control freak than to have no control at all. She has to die a little to live again.”

Expect Alexis to intersect with a wide swath of characters, “but most importantly, with a new character we haven’t seen before,” Grahn hints. “I feel like this show is not so much about what Alexis discovers, but how that discovery and resolution will affect the heart of so many who watch it. I feel that many will relate in a personal way.”

Alexis’s relationships with her daughters will also be highlighted. “The familial vibe between the ‘Davis Girls’ is palpable because it’s believable,” Grahn offers. “We are your typical family of estrogen-layered women who love, hate, unite, fight, laugh and weep together with an unbreakable bond. I come from a good mom, so I can recognize one when I see one. Alexis is one. I recognize this family. It’s real. The writers got this element of the show just right.”

The actress is honored that GH is dedicating this episode to her alter ego and says, “I’d just like to say thank you to the writers, Dan [O’Connor, co-head writer], Chris [Van Etten, co-head writer] and [script writer] Scott [Sickles], along with Director Phideaux Xavier, who I think the world of, and [Producers] Michelle [Henry], MK [Weir] and Frank [Valentini, executive producer] for all the love. I felt it all.”

For Grahn, hitting the 25-year mark “means that I’ve lived long enough and worked hard enough to know exactly how lucky I’ve been, and continue to be. My gratitude to ABC for its loyalty to the iconic GENERAL HOSPITAL, which allowed me to raise my daughter with all the trimmings, all while giving me a stage and a play to perform every day, is beyond measure. I cannot begin to count all the ways walking into my life on GH 25 years ago, has gifted [daughter] Kate and me. Nor can I ever thank GH’s loyal and discerning viewers enough for their loyalty and support. We’ve been in this dance for over two decades together, and I consider them all my friends now whether we’ve met or not. The collection of experiences, acquaintances, friendships and touchstone moments is abundant and this anniversary gives me pause to take that all in and dance around the room with it for a bit.”