Exclusive: Amanda Setton On Her GH Leave

Amanda Setton is taking a break from GH, and actress Briana Lane will take over the role of Brook Lynn temporarily, beginning with today’s episode — but it’s all for a very happy cause. “Thankfully, my husband and I are expecting our third child,” the actress explains. “Despite being really excited and eager to jump back into GH, due to the many unknowns with Covid and expectant mothers, it was advised for us to wait it out.” Setton says she will miss life in Port Charles during her maternity leave. “I love being a part of the GH family. It’s not only a privilege to be a part of such a special legacy but it’s downright fun! From the crew to the writers and executives and of course my fellow castmates, I have missed and will continue to miss my interactions and collaboration will all of them during this time.” She looks forward to reclaiming her role after welcoming her baby. “Brook Lynn is a fierce, feisty, flawed, and lovable character — with a heart of gold,” Setton notes. “Having the opportunity to portray someone like her day in and day out grants me access to parts of my personality and imagination that you don’t exactly get to use every day in your ‘real life’. She has a knack for always stirring up and getting into trouble but at her core she truly cares about her family and what’s best for them. I will miss her, but only temporarily! Looking forward to stepping back into her shoes soon enough!” As for her replacement, she enthuses, “I can’t wait to see what Briana brings to the character! It’s a real testament to the writers and the creativity at GH to bring this all together in order to keep the spirit of Brook Lynn alive for our amazing GH fans. I’m sure she will do an incredible job and will bring her own interpretations to this fun and complex character! I’ll be watching and rooting for her all the way!” To the show’s viewers, she says, “I can’t thank the fans enough for embracing me and Brook Lynn the way they have. It has been a real treat, privilege and honor to have the opportunity to play such a fun role on such an iconic show. I’ve worked on a number of shows in my career and GH really does have, by far, the best fans!”