Editors Share Their Favorite Soap Tearjerkers

Credit: ABC

Mara Levinsky
For me, it’s a GH tie between the 1994 death of B.J. after a school bus crash and the 1995 death of Stone from AIDS, two artful arcs beautifully plotted by the late Claire Labine and brought to brilliant life by such players as Brad Maule (ex-Tony), Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie) and Kristina Wagner (Felicia) in the former tale and Michael Sutton (ex-Stone), Kimberly McCullough (Robin) and Maurice Benard (Sonny) in the latter.

Tom Stacy
Call me a romantic but my favorite tearjerker moment is a happy one: the classic Luke and Laura reunion of 1983, after the supposedly dead Laura followed Luke around for at least a week, and we originally saw her only from the back or below. Having just won the mayoral election, Luke was standing on the balcony at the mayor’s mansion, reminiscing about their wedding as their love theme was playing, unaware that Laura was standing right below him, thinking the same thoughts. Then, suddenly, Luke spotted her willowy figure walking across the lawn, ran downstairs, screamed out her name, rushed across the grass and they lovingly, finally, embraced. Sigh. I am really glad for YouTube! 

Lee Meyer
One of the moments that stands out to me is on ONE LIFE TO LIVE when Nash died, just as Jessica told him she was pregnant. Watching him fade away from her was so sad, as was Viki, reminded of how she lost Joe. Killing Nash was a brave decision, since fans liked the couple together, but it proved to be an emotional story and led to some great performances from Bree Williamson (Jessica).

Devin Owens
I was gutted when Cassie died on Y&R in 2005. Historically, the show rarely killed off children or young people, so to watch this character, who grew up on-screen from moppet to young teenager, pass away, was truly heart-wrenching. The aftermath of her death cut deep and Cassie’s memory still resonates to this day.