Editors Share Their Favorite Soap Families

Episode # 7721

Credit: JPI

Devin Owens
The Hughes clan on AS THE WORLD TURNS, with kindly Dr. Bob as the patriarch. It would be great to receive wise advice from his wife, Kim. However, if she ever got frustrated upset or disappointed at you she¹d call you “kiddo.” I would never want to hear her say that to me.

Tom Stacy
I’d have to go with the Forresters of B&B. Yes, they’re wealthy, powerful and one good-looking tribe, but their antics have kept us entertained for the entire 31-year run of the series. I also admire the fact that they’re so civic-minded, giving to great causes like homelessness, cancer research, AIDS awareness, abuse and mental illness, among many others. 

Lee Meyer
I’d have to go with the Ryans of RYAN’S HOPE. I got to know this tight-knit family while watching reruns of the series on SoapNet back in the day, and absolutely fell in love with them. Maeve was always there to dole out sage wisdom to her children, while Johnny was fiercely loyal and protective. The siblings, including Mary (my fave!), Frank, Patrick and Siobhan, were close but often ran into conflict, similar to real life. Through the years, the Ryans were a stable, close and loving family.

Stephanie Sloane
The Hortons of DAYS top my list, but GH’s Quartermaines are a close second. Not only are the multi-generational, doughnut-loving Hortons the heart of Salem, I am a sucker for the ornament hanging in the living room every Christmas. As for the Qs, I couldn’t imagine Port Charles without this wildly entertaining, close-knit crew, who deliver one-liners like no other, but love each other in equal measure.