DAYS's Massey Talks Emmy Nod

DAYS’s Chandler Massey (Will) woke up to learn from his publicist, Jeff Ballard, that he received his third straight Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Younger Actor (he won the award last year). But Massey was most excited about DAYS’s multiple nominations, including Outstanding Drama Series. “I’m thrilled about DAYS getting 17 nominations,” he grins. “Ari [Zucker, Nicole], Peggy [McCay, Caroline], and of course, Freddie [Smith, Sonny] got nominated. I’m thrilled for all three of them. The show made out well this year and I think DAYS deserves it. Everyone connected to the show works extremely hard and is very talented. I’m glad they’re getting recognized for it.” As for Massey’s own reaction to being nominated for the third year in a row he shares, “I have the same feeling of gratitude and excitement I felt last year and the year before. Just being nominated is an honor and I appreciate it very much.”