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DAYS’s Deidre Hall And Andrea Hall-Gengler Create New Card Collection

DAYS’s Deidre Hall (Marlena) and twin sister, Andrea Hall-Gengler (ex-Hattie/Samantha), found ways to keep busy while sheltering in place. The duo has created a new collection of watercolors, the Westbrook Collection, inspired by their love of the star-spangled banner. “We didn’t set out to do a Fourth of July collection,” explains Hall. “Annie was here visiting for a couple of months. We both watercolor, so we began watercoloring and we ended up with a couple of flag paintings. We both love our flags. We said, ‘Wait a minute. July 4th is coming up. Why don’t we make a set of July 4th cards and make them available to the fans?’ That was the inspiration. It was like a slow drip idea.” The pair painted together at Hall’s house in California, mostly in the afternoons. Says Hall-Gengler, “The best time of the day is when you have the best available daylight. We painted across from each other at the table after we had lunch. If I had a problem, I’d say, ‘Oh, my gosh. I’ve got too much water here,’ and she’d throw me the paper towels and say, ‘Sop it up. Quick! Sop it up and redo it.’ And we shared techniques that we both learned in different venues.” Hall previously sold a set of cards and learned an important lesson for the new release. “The first set of what we’re doing is a set of 10 paintings but there are only five actual original paintings,” she says. “I was getting letters saying, ‘I’m so perplexed. I really want to keep this card but I really want to mail this card to my friend.’ It made perfect sense. I wrote, ‘Then let’s just pick five of the best ones and then we’ll duplicate them and you’ll get one to keep and one to send to a friend.’ ” The name of the collection holds a special meaning for them, Hall shares. “The Westbrook Collection is what we’re calling it because during our summer vacations as kids, we would drive up to Westbrook, Connecticut,” relays Hall. “There was this sweet little town along the shore. A number of our relatives had bought little summer homes there. I mean, I’m talking wood frames, weather-beaten shore-lined houses down by the old post road. We would go back there for the summer and there would be all of our cousins, and all of the adults were thrilled to be together. And there was sand-digging and swimming and walking along the little jetties and hunting for crabs and cookouts at night. It was just a magical, magical time and it has magical memories for Annie and me.” The cards are available at and on Hall’s fan Facebook page.