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Days of our Lives's Tina Huang (Melinda): Me Vs. My Character

Tina Huang

JC Olivera/Getty Images; XJJohnson/

Who has the better mind for the law? “Melinda. Completely. I have a theater degree. I have a BFA. I don’t know anything about the law. I’m probably breaking the law right now [laughs]!”

Who has a better wardrobe? “Oh, Melinda. Come on, Richard [Bloore] is an amazing costume designer. I want him to dress me every day in life. I’m wearing a cheap tank top to talk to you.”

Who has a better house? “Have we ever seen Melinda’s house? I have not seen Melinda’s house. Let’s ask the bosses at DAYS. So for now, I win that point.”

Who’s a better cook? “I’m a good cook. I’m really good. I’m going to take that. Melinda’s too busy to be thinking about baking scallion bread.”

Who walks better in heels? “That’s tricky. So, Melinda wears these tall, Michael Kors heels. And I was like, ‘These hurt. Can I change my shoes?’ And they gave me some sensible heels. So I would say Melinda walks better in heels than me.”

Who is better in a crisis? “It’s a tie. I’m very good in a crisis, personally. And Melinda is really good at dealing with shady doctors and stealing babies. So that’s a toss-up.”

Who is more ambitious? “She’s so close to me, except I’m not evil. I would say Melinda’s more ambitious, because she would do whatever it takes to accomplish the goal she sets forth. I would not personally steal a baby.”

Who’s more forgiving? “I’m a very forgiving person in general. I’m a Scorpio. So I’ve got a little bit of a, ‘Thank you. Yeah, I forgive, but I don’t forget’ quality. As a Scorpio does. Melinda forgave Li over the course of things, but she definitely holds a harder grudge. I mean, look, she’s never going to forgive EJ. Nope.”

Who is a better judge of character? “Oh, I am. I keep thinking that Sloan is going to do something to Melinda. The way that they interact is funny. They’re frenemies. Somehow I’m like, ‘Is she keeping her enemies close? Are they real friends?’ I can’t imagine Melinda taking this risk [swapping babies] if they’re not real friends. It keeps it interesting. I think I’m a better judge of character than Melinda, though. Melinda is more judgmental of character.”

Who was luckier in love? “I am married to the love of my life. This year marks 18 years of marriage. So I’m very lucky.”

Who’s the bigger softie? “That’s tough. I am. I’ve got a hard candy shell, but I’m squishy on the inside. I think Melinda’s shell is about six feet deeper.”

Who gives better advice? “Melinda gives good scheming advice. She’s better than me. She’s a good plotter. But I think I give good advice when it comes to the heart. I’m not sure that Melinda excels in that category, as we all have seen.”

Who’s nosier? “Definitely Melinda. She wants to know what everybody’s doing. She’s always showing up and going, ‘What’s going on? Tell me what happened. Who called you? What did they say?’ Melinda is so nosy.”

Who would you say was wilder in her youth? “Melinda must have been, because there was a wonderful episode where she [talked about] traveling through all these vineyards and drinking all this wine. Some wild stuff must have happened during that time. I did some wild things, like a lot of wild things. But I’m going to say for my creation of Melinda as a character, she had a really wild youth.”

Who’s more fun at parties? “I am. Yeah, I think I’m a good time after a couple martinis. And I like to dance.”

Who’s the better friend? “Again, we’re torn here. I’m a really good and very loyal friend. Melinda, again, will steal babies and maybe cut a person for you. So it’s varying degrees of who’s a better friend. That might be a draw.”