Holiday Roundup

DAYS Faves Weigh In On The Holidays

The Merrymakers: Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe), Raven Bowens (Chanel) and Galen Gering (Rafe)

Favorite Holiday Movie:

Bjorlin:Bad Santa. It’s hilarious and a timeless classic.”

Bowens:Home Alone.”

Gering:It’s a Wonderful Life. I used to watch it every year when I was growing up, so it’s a very nostalgic one for me. My mom would always play it because it’s what she watched as a kid.”

Favorite Christmas Carol:

Bjorlin: “I love Christmas music, so that’s a hard one. Maybe ‘O Holy Night’ because I really love singing that.”

Bowens: “I don’t really have one, but my favorite Christmas song is ‘Santa Baby’.”

Gering: “ ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’.”

Favorite Holiday Tradition:

Bjorlin: “Celebrating Christmas in my household on Christmas Eve, because that’s how we do it in Sweden. We do herring, smoked salmon, Swedish meatballs and potato dishes. Swedish pastries, too. Now that I’m married to an Irish man, we do Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. So we do American things, like turkey. We kind of split the traditions, which makes it more fun for the kids. They get to open some gifts on Christmas Eve, and they get some on Christmas morning, too.”

Bowens: “Usually my mom will say grace, and then after that everybody says one thing that they’re grateful for.”

Gering: “Having all my family and friends together having dinner, sitting around the fireplace, and drinking eggnog. That is special to me, spending time with all of them.”

Best Holiday Present I Got As A Kid:

Bjorlin: “My first Christmas in the United States, I got a Cabbage Patch kid. I think I was 7, and all I coveted was that doll.”

Bowens: “My Barbie Dreamhouse, and also, I had a life-size Barbie. She was about four feet tall and looked like me. I would do her hair and dress her in my clothes.”

Gering: “My first bike. It was this KMX 750, and it had shocks on it. Bikes didn’t have shocks on them then, so that was pretty awesome.”

Mistletoe: Yay Or Nay?

Bjorlin: “Yay.”

Bowens: “Nay. I’m not a spin-the-bottle girl. I’m not a mistletoe girl. I don’t want the surprise of who I have to kiss. I get enough of that at work.”

Gering: “Yay. Why not?”

Christmas Morning: Sleep In Or Wake Up Early?

Bjorlin: “I would like to sleep in, but I don’t think that’s going to be a thing ever again. My boys are up around 6 a.m.”

Bowens: “Sleep in. I stay up late Christmas Eve.”

Gering: “I love to sleep in, but my kids are up at the crack of dawn. They used to get up around 5:30. We had to set a time where 7:30 is the earliest. No one can go downstairs until then.”

Ugly Christmas Sweaters: Yay Or Nay?

Bjorlin: “Yay. I’m a big fan. I have a collection of them. I add to it every year.”

Bowens: “Yay. I don’t have any, but it’s always been a dream. I want to go to an ugly Christmas sweater party or have one.”

Gering: “One hundred percent yay.”

Eggnog: Virgin, Spiked Or Not At All?

Bjorlin: “Not at all. That’s a very American thing that I never got into.”

Bowens: “Spiked. The best eggnog is in the glass bottle … Broguiere’s. It very thick and tastes like a milkshake.”

Gering: “Definitely spiked. It’s a total tradition. We’re always working on the recipe — how much nutmeg or cinnamon to add, what kind of rum to use … There are different iterations of that.”

Top Item On Your Gift Wish List:

Bjorlin: “I was just joking about it the other day. A new barbecue, a grill.”

Bowens: “I might like an Apple watch. I like that people use it to track their steps and their health, and I’d like to get into that.”

Gering: “Probably a new driver for golf.”

Your Tip For A Stress-Free Holiday:

Bjorlin: “Self-care. Make sure to take time for yourself, whether it’s going to get a facial or going to do some yoga or just sitting by yourself with a cup of coffee and staring blankly into space.”

Bowens: “Shop early and shop online.”

Gering: “Enjoy the moments between the moments. There’s all this buildup to the dinner and the presents. People get caught up in that when it really should be about everyone getting together and hanging out.”

Your Holiday Wish For The Fans:

Bjorlin: “That they get every story they’re hoping and maybe a subscription to Peacock as a gift.”

Bowens: “That they be in good health and good spirits and have their wish list checked off.”

Gering: “That they’re able to download the Peacock [app] and enjoy the show and all its wild, amazing adventures. And all the other things, like peace, prosperity, happiness and health. We’re lucky to have such incredible fans.”