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Chad Duell Opens Up About GH Absence

Chad Duell’s absence from work recently required the role of Michael to be temporarily recast with Robert Adamson (ex-Noah, Y&R). On the latest episode of Maurice Benard’s (Sonny, GH) mental health chat show, STATE OF MIND, the actor, who has had Covid multiple times, thought he had contracted the virus again (“I had the symptoms of it: the fever, the cough, a weird headache”), but was testing negative. Then, “on the fourth day, all of a sudden, my chest started hurting unbelievably bad. I felt like I was having a heart attack…. It was so painful, I thought, ‘If I have Covid, it probably went to my chest. I should go to the hospital.’ ” Doctors rules out a heart attack, but after performing an angiogram, he was diagnosed with acute myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle which; this type of inflammation is common after viruses. Duell, “It’s a long-term Covid effect and some people get in their brains.” The condition “goes away on its own,” according to Duell, who admitted, “I thought I was dying.  I can’t tell you the pain I felt. I was taking morphine and it wasn’t doing anything.  So I was scared, man.” For the full interview with Benard, click here.