Catching Up With Sharon Gabet

Soap Opera Digest: You recently revised your memoir, From The Raven To The Dove. What prompted that revisit?

Sharon Gabet: It’s been almost 20 years since I wrote the first version. I wanted to improve it. I’m a better writer now. I also had quite a few stories from EDGE and my time in New York and I wanted to add those, as well. Plus, in 2015, I renewed my deep friendship with [the late] Larkin Malloy, who played my incredible soap partner, Sky Whitney, on EDGE. I added a tribute to him in the epilogue with a number of personal stories about our relationship both off and on camera. The chemistry and rapport we had was once-in-a-life- time stuff. The new version is a much better book and now I can let it rest in peace and go on to something else.

Malloy Gabet

Digest: How did revisiting this part of your life help you move forward?

Gabet: I needed a way to creatively express myself and found that writing suited me. I’m a storyteller. I found my path. I did lay myself bare in a deeply vulnerable way and I had not been ‘out’ as a public persona for a long time. I had no character, like Raven, to hide behind. Publishing this new edition was easy and joyful, which tells me how far I’ve come.

Digest: Do soap fans still recognize you as Raven?

Gabet: I do get recognized on occasion. Mostly when I’m dressed up, but I was recognized quite a few times when I went back to nursing from 2003-2013, and it was really funny. Imagine if you were in the hospital and Raven walked in with a hypodermic syringe. People flipped out. I autographed all sorts of weird things in hospital rooms!

Digest: What are your best EDGE memories?

Gabet: I give THE EDGE OF NIGHT a good amount of space in my book. It was the best experience of my acting career. No doubt about it. From the way it was shot, to the family feeling with the cast, crew and production staff to that spectacular character, Raven. I love her. She was archetypal in every way, including the ominous name. Ravens have followed me around for the past 15 years. They fly around my house, play in my yard. I feed them. They left me a magical nest which I have in my meditation room and bring me great joy. I made a transition on that show.

Digest: Have you kept in touch with any of your EDGE pals?

Gabet: I stay in contact with many members of THE EDGE OF NIGHT’s crew and production staff. Love them all to pieces. Mark Arnold [ex-Gavin] and I Zoom quite a bit. He lives in England now and has a very hot acting career still going. And of course, Frances Fisher [ex-Deborah] and Terry Davis [ex-April et al] are my best friends for 40 years now. We get together as often as we can.

Digest: Besides Raven, you appeared on several other soaps. Any fun tales you’d like to share?

Gabet: Yes! ONE TO LIVE was fun. By that time I had a 3-year-old and a 6-month-old and lived a couple blocks from their Upper West Side studio, so I could run home during the day for lunch or if I had a long break. The first year playing Melinda was a riot. She pretended to go crazy in one of my favorite scenes where I got to throw a plate of spaghetti at Wanda, and I also got to work with Mark Arnold again [as Rob].

Digest: How is life these days?

Gabet: I intended to return to soaps after the birth of my third child but life swept me away in another direction. Now, I live in the magnificent Ojai Valley in Southern California. Ojai is an artist and tourist town so we have great restaurants and music events. Also, many spiritual groups have headquarters here. Plus, I have a lot of traveling and living yet to do. I didn’t just have ONE LIFE TO LIVE. I have lived three distinctly different lifetimes already, and am starting a fourth. I’m excited.

Digest: Would you consider a return to daytime?

Gabet: I feel like my acting would be so much richer now. I’m more relaxed and my emotions are more accessible. I have been working on a cabaret act for a while. Lots of stories and songs, so nothing is out of the question.