Catching Up With Daniel McVicar

Soap Opera Digest: It’s been a very long time since we’ve seen you in the pages of Digest, Dan! Please give us an update on where you are.

Daniel McVicar: I am based in Turin, Italy, and have been here since 2007. Around that time I was going back and forth a lot, but since my son was born in 2012, I have stayed closer here. Turin is a charming city, the original seat of Italy and the former home of the Savoia family, the kings of Italy. If you like chocolate, coffee, wine and good food, you may be happy here.

Digest: How is your son, Pietro?

McVicar: Pietro — or as he likes to be called as well, Peter — is now almost 9 years old. He is growing up speaking English and Italian, and loves basketball. A bright, compassionate and good-looking boy, I am charmed every day by him.

Daniel McVicar

Digest: What about an update on your daughter, Maisy, who was born while you were on B&B? Are you a grandpa yet?

McVicar: No, I am not a grandpa, thank you very much [laughs]. Maisy is in Brooklyn, living the life of the singer/songwriter and that of a strong and empathetic young woman. I am very proud of her. Of course, we all miss her big brother, Hank, who we lost 10 years ago [in a car accident]. I hope that he is busy being a guardian angel; we could all use an angel like him.

Digest: How often do you get back to the States?

McVicar: I hope to be back when I am vaccinated, or if they are too slow here to get vaccinated! After the separation [from his wife] in 2014, I decided to stay close with my son here in Torino, and really took a step back from many things. As he is growing, I feel like I can now travel a bit more, and even better if he comes as my companion!

Digest: What have you done professionally since leaving B&B?

McVicar: I have been doing quite a number of independent European movies in English and Italian, from working with the Polish director Jacek Bromski in One Way Ticket to the Moon to some interesting dramas, Fallen and Ulysses: A Dark Odyssey, that you can find in the United States. I enjoy working in Italian on different series here when I get the chance.

Digest: Do you have any projects you would like us to let people know about?

McVicar: I am about to pull a Stanley Tucci, and am in the midst of pre-launching A CURIOUS FORK (follow me on Instagram!). A CURIOUS FORK will take me out and about in Italy and elsewhere, picking up recipes and reproducing them in my own kitchen.

Digest: You certainly made the rascally Clarke one of B&B’s most memorable characters. How would you sum up your years on that show?

McVicar: Clarke was always interesting, we never knew what he might do next. So it would be fun to find out what he is up to now!

Digest: What are some of your favorite memories?

McVicar: Oh, I think it was really fun at the beginning with Kristen and Margo in a love triangle. Clarke was at his charming and mischievous best. Then Sally came into the picture and all hell broke loose for years and years. My very favorite memories are personal, though. I miss my friends and my B&B family. I do get to stay in touch on social media, seeing what is new. I enjoyed exchanging messages for the 34th anniversary of the show and I am always happy that I was there from the first year, helping the show make a mark around the world.



Digest: Are you in touch with anyone from B&B?

McVicar: Yes, on social media I love seeing what so many are up to, and we exchange phone calls or emails once in a while. Maybe I should throw a Zoom party!

Digest: Would you reprise Clarke if B&B asked you to come back?

McVicar: A character like Clarke is always something that I keep “in my pocket” and I think that he would be a lot of fun and also, with his history, bring a certain dramatic force if he would return. So, I just gotta say that Clarke Garrison is looking good and ready.

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