Catching Up with Mick Cain (ex-C.J., B&B)

C.J. is returning to B&B for the December 21 and 22 episodes, to catch up with Stephanie. Meantime, Digest caught up with his portrayer, Mick Cain.Soap Opera Digest: It’s great to have you back on B&B!

Mick Cain: Thanks. It was fun coming back, even for just a couple of episodes.

Digest: What have you been doing with yourself in the meantime?

Cain: I’ve had tunnel vision for acting since I was 12 and things kind of tapered off with the birth of my son [Haven, born December 13, 2003]. I took some time off and did the things I was too busy to do: read books, play music and most importantly, hang out with my son. I coached his T-ball team and just enjoyed being with him. I feel really blessed to have the resources and the time to do that because most people don’t. What’s scary is how quickly my son is growing up. He’s now 7! I blinked my eyes and it happened. As my mom and everyone has told me, it does go fast and you don’t realize it. You think it sounds like a phrase, especially when your baby is doing nothing but eating and pooping and crying all of the time [laughs]. You’re like, “Will this ever end?” It does — and very quickly. I feel fortunate that I had the time with him and didn’t have to worry about work.

Digest: Since he has you and Schae [Harrison, ex-Darla, B&B] as parents, has he also shown signs of being an actor?

Cain: He’s definitely a comedian, I’ll tell you that. He has a wicked sense of humor and I feel I’ve had a hand in that. He has great timing. Sometimes you just get into the role of being a dad, “You can’t do this, you gotta do that,” and he keeps me on my toes by cracking a joke. If I leave myself open, he’ll jump in there and make fun of me. I think that’s the type of relationship we’ll have our whole lives because he’s not going to let me get away with anything! In terms of him being in the business, I’ve asked him about it a couple of times, but I think he’s just content to be a kid right now. We’re cool with that. He’s still so young. It’s not something we’re going to force him into. If he shows interest, fantastic, but we don’t think that he has to go into the family business, if he doesn’t want to.

Digest: Has he ever watched you or Schae on TV?

Cain: He has. There’s actually a children’s movie that I did about 10 years ago called White Wolves III: Cry Of The White Wolf. We sat down and watched that together and he really dug that. He’s seen our work on B&B, but it’s not a show he’s all too interested in. He’s like, “Okay, cool, there’s Mom and Dad, where are my Legos?”

Digest: When you were on set, who did you catch up with besides Susan?

Cain: I got see a little of everyone, but I needed an extra day to go in there after spending the day on set working, because there were so many people I wanted to say hello to. But I was able to see pretty much everyone. There are some new people and some recasts, so there are definite changes, but many of the same people are still there. It’s always great to go there and catch up.

Digest: Hopefully, we’ll see C.J. again soon.

Cain: Yeah, it would be fun. I always have a great time when I’m on the show.

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