Carson Boatman shares his fitness and nutrition tips

What do you typically eat in a day? “If I’m trying to get into shape for something, specifically to trim down a little bit, I’ll wake up and drink a protein shake. Then I’ll have a cup of coffee with collagen protein in it. So I’m getting about 50 grams of protein right off the bat. If I have the day off, I’ll make some eggs and bacon. At lunch, I’m usually at the Burbank studios, so I’ll head over to Whole Foods. I’ll either go to the hot bar and get some chicken, or I’ll get some sushi. After work, I’ll go work out and have another protein shake when I’m done. For dinner, I’ll have steak, chicken or salmon with an Asian-style vegetable stir fry that I get at Trader Joe’s. It’s premixed and has mushrooms, peppers and broccoli in it. For snacks, I eat protein bars that I buy at Costco.”

What would be your advice to someone looking to adopt healthier eating habits in 2022? “There’s no one quick fix to changing your eating habits. Try to stay on something for a couple of weeks and be consistent with a diet while giving yourself a little flexibility to eat some junk food here and there. The longer you eat healthy, the more your body starts to crave healthy foods.”

Describe your fitness routine. “I used to go to the gym six days a week and was working one-to-two muscle groups a day, lifting [weights] pretty heavy and intensely. I’m trying to lean down a bit, lose a little bit of mass. So I’m working out four days a week, maybe five, and instead of isolating muscle groups, every workout is more full body mixed with a little HIIT cardio. It stands for high intensity interval training.”

What advice would you give to someone just starting to work out? “It feels so good to feel healthy and to move your body, because not everybody is able to. If you are, it’s a blessing to be able to take advantage of that and have a mobile body. As for advice, you’ve got to just do it. Start slow if you want. You don’t have to run two miles and then do a 45-minute, high-intensity, full-body workout. Go and walk for a mile. Work up from there.”

When it comes to working out, do you ever struggle with motivation and how do you overcome it? “I do struggle with being motivated pretty frequently. Ultimately, I’m on TV. There is no greater motivation than knowing a bunch of people are going to be seeing me with my shirt off.”

Carson’s Top Three Tips

“Keep a balance. Don’t overdo the gym. Don’t overdo the diet. Remember the goal is to stay happy and healthy. That’s the point of fitness. I’m not the most ripped guy in the room ever, but I do feel like I’m healthy and I’m mobile and that my body is very capable.”

“One thing that I try to go by is highprotein intake, low-carb intake. That’s just a general rule. The more protein you consume, the more fat your body will burn.”

“Set goals. That’s important, even tiny goals. Say your actual goal is to lose 50 pounds. That’s a pretty big goal, and that’s going to take a long time. So set mini-goals. Wake up in the morning and go to the gym today. Boom. You go to the gym, achieve that goal and cross that off your list. That feels good and makes you want to do it again tomorrow.”