Cameron Mathison On His GH Debut

GH has revealed who former ALL MY CHILDREN star Cameron Mathison (ex-Ryan) will be playing when he debuts this week: Drew Cain, the role originated by Billy Miller in 2014, who has been presumed dead since Peter arranged for his plane to go down in 2019.

When he originally signed on to the show, “I didn’t know anything — I didn’t know the who, what, where, why.” But the first time he met with Executive Producer Frank Valentini and Co-Head Writers Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor and a network rep, “That’s when I found out I was playing Drew Cain, and I had goose-bumps,” Mathison declares. “I love this character. I think this character embodies a lot of stuff I haven’t necessarily been able to tap into as an actor and that I love and that is important to me, like family and having a daughter on the canvas. I think that means a lot to Drew, and obviously being a dad means a lot to me. His adventurous background and his military background, I’ve never been able to do anything quite like that and that’s very exciting for me. I love how dynamic he is as a character and how interwoven he is with family. He’s twins with Jason, and getting to play off of Steve [Burton, Jason] — I’ve been buddies with him for a long time. Not close, but always really appreciated him and respected his work. So, to be related to Jason is super-cool, and obviously, working with Kelly [Monaco, Sam] — Kelly and I have known each other for a long time, from the DANCING WITH THE STARS days and beyond. I’ve just always been a fan of hers and now I get the chance to work with her — I’m guessing, considering that we have a child [Scout] together! There are just so many aspects of Drew that immediately gave me goosebumps in that meeting.”

Viewers will first hear, not see, Drew via a phone call he places to a flabbergasted Sam. Mathison reports, “I say, ‘Sam, can you hear me?’ That’s all I say and it’s sort of a desperate callout.”

According to the actor, it should quickly be obvious to Sam that Drew’s circumstances are dire. “She can hear that he’s in trouble. She can hear that he’s trying to keep his voice down; he doesn’t want to be heard. Drew had one call, one chance; let’s just assume that he had one chance, it wasn’t like he was hang- ing out with his cell phone the whole time [he’s been gone]. And Sam is the one that he called, knowing that if she heard his voice, in a certain way, she’d be the one to get the most out of it. And with that said, he believes that help will be on its way. At least, he hopes that just from connecting with Sam, she’ll know that something is up and start to pursue it. That’s his goal.”