B&B's Scott Clifton & John McCook real-life weddings

Scott Clifton (Liam)

Married To: Nicole Lampson

Since: October 20, 2012

Location: Malibu Hills, CA

Who was more nervous on the big day, you or Nikki? “Neither. The most important part is that the wedding was a great party. Nikki wanted a real party, and we had one. We had been to so many weddings where no thought went into the guest experience. Nikki said, ‘No way. I want our guests to walk away from this feeling like they had just been to the best party of their lives.’ So, every decision for months were guided by that philosophy. In terms of timing and space and location and flow, there was never a moment where anybody was waiting around in between the ceremony and the reception. We wanted to make sure everybody had a drink in their hand at any given moment. We had a wonderful wedding coordinator who designed the floor plan so that people would have the best experience possible. Everything was designed to be maximized. That’s what was on Nikki’s mind all night.”

What song was your first dance as husband and wife? “ ‘Overjoyed’ by Matchbox 20. It’s a pretty sweet song and the lyrics were just perfect. They really applied to us and our relationship.”

What was the biggest challenge? “The hardest part was the seating chart because we had, like, 220 people, so we had to figure out the perfect seating chart so were not just grouping random people together. We wanted people who either knew each other, taking in mind the personalities of people and who they are. The last thing we wanted was uncles who are fighting at the same table [laughs]. A lot of thought went into that.”

Did you write your own vows? “That’s the part where I took charge. Nikki was in charge of the reception and party and I wrote basically wrote the ceremony — although Nikki wrote her own proclamations and I wrote my own proclamations.”

How did you feel the day after? “We looked at each other and we went, ‘Do you even remember tasting the food?’ I might have taken two bites of dinner. It’s a funny regret because everybody told us the food was amazing. We loved when people said it was one of the best weddings they’d ever been to — and that was great because that was our goal.”

John McCook (Eric)

Married To: Laurette Sprang

Since: February 16, 1980

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Was it a big wedding? “No. It was a small chapel in North Hollywood; maybe 20 to 30 people were there.”

Did you write your own vows? “Yes, we did. It was lovely to realize we could say some sweet things to each other in front of everybody. I don’t know if we even wrote them down but if we did, Laurette has them somewhere because she’s great with that. What I remember most is that we spoke from the heart.”

What do you recall about your first glimpse of Laurette walking down the aisle? “She was so beautiful, and she still is. She was the prettiest girl you ever saw. It was the happiest moment of my life.”

Did anything go wrong that day? “Well, they say that it’s good luck when it rains on your wedding day, but it was raining so hard that a tree fell and blocked the road going up the hill on Beverly Glen, but luckily, there was a house with one of those circular driveways, so we were able to use that to get past it and get on to the reception. I don’t know whose house it was but if we could have, we would have invited them up to the reception — but honestly, I think they were just pissed off that everybody was driving through their driveway. I still know where that driveway is. Maybe I should go over to their house?”

How was the food? “I don’t remember, but I believe the cocktails were great.”

How would you describe the reception? “We were excited because no matter how late we were going to go on or how long the party was, the next morning we had a flight to Rome to do a show together. We flew in a week early so we could get our bags dropped at the hotel in Rome and take the train to Venice for our honeymoon, which we did. We worked together for six weeks in Rome and saw Amsterdam and Paris and some other places, and we’re actors so that’s what we were most excited about — we were working! And, we were working together. I don’t remember much about the wedding night. We needed to sleep. We needed to finish packing. We probably got three hours at most and had to get up and get out. We were worried about more rain getting to the airport. There was so much practicality going on that the romance of our wedding night was postponed until Venice, and that made up for it. And since then, Laurette and I have been doing our own show together for 42 years now.”