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B&B’s Don Diamont’s Memorable Halloween

Don Diamont (Bill, B&B) had a memorable October 31, thanks to a pop-in from famed Oscar-winner Dustin Hoffman, who was trick-or-treating with his grandchildren. Diamont, who had a signed poster from the actor’s movie, Midnight Cowboy, hanging in his powder room, invited Hoffman in to see it, noting, “We all chatted a bit in our entranceway, and given the unusual circumstance, I asked if we could take a picture together. He said, ‘Of course, but we have to go back in the bathroom and take it in front of the poster.’ Amazing. Cindy was dealing with trick-or-treaters, so his incredibly sweet and patient wife took the picture having to basically straddle the toilet! Too funny! Classic! What a lovely guy! So there you have it… Rainman and $Bill in the toilet together on Halloween!” Check out the tale here.