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Back To School Y&R

Student Council: Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea), Christel Khalil (Lily) and Joshua Morrow (Nick)

Favorite Subject

Egan: “English and anything with the music or drama classes.”

Khalil: “English.”

Morrow: “History. I like learning
bout how the world and civilizations unfolded.”

Least Favorite Subject

Egan: “Science, hands down.”

Khalil: “Math.”

Morrow: “I got my very first B in Math and it left a really bad taste in my mouth ever since. I didn’t love Science either.”

Favorite Extracurricular Activity

Egan: “I was on the lacrosse, swim and dance teams, and doing school plays as well.”

Khalil: “Horseback riding.”

Morrow: “Growing up in Oklahoma, I played every sport.”

Favorite School Supply

Egan: “Every school year, I loved getting a new backpack and Trapper Keeper. I was always organized.”

Khalil: “Pencil case.”

Morrow: “What kind of Trapper Keeper you had was always a big deal. They were pretty much your social cachet.”

Class Clown Or Teacher’s Pet?

Egan: “I’d say a bit of both. I got in trouble a lot for talking too much — shocking, I know — but I did well in school and teachers liked me.”

Khalil: “Teacher’s pet.”

Morrow: “A little of both. I’m definitely clownish, the kind of guy who wasn’t afraid to cut it up a little, but I was also a pretty dedicated student. I really liked having good grades.”

School Portrait: Frame It, Burn It, Or Post It Online?

Egan: “Frame it. I don’t love it because it’s not the best photo of me but I cherish the amazing memories that go with it.”

Khalil: “Frame it.”

Morrow: “Maybe frame it. It’s not horrible, but certainly not something I’d put on pamphlets and throw around the Target parking lot. I was class of ’92, so I had a gold hoop in my left ear for my senior picture.”

Detention: Rarely, Regularly Or Never?

Egan: “Never, no! I may have talked a lot, but I’m a rule-follower.”

Khalil: “Never.”

Morrow: “Never! My dad was my best friend but extremely strict about my behavior at school. If I had ever gotten detention, or any kind of notice from school, he would’ve whooped my ass.”

Study Ahead Or Cram For A Test?

Egan: “Cram. I felt that it was more fresh on the brain.”

Khalil: “Study ahead.”

Morrow: “Cram. I was not an at-home study or homework person. I would do my homework in between classes or during class. I’ve been blessed with this great memory, so I didn’t need to study much to get good grades.”

Honor Roll Or Just Scraped By?

Egan: “Honor roll.”

Khalil: “Neither! I was an average student.”

Morrow: “Honor roll. My dad really promoted good grades and he rewarded me if I performed well in the classroom, so that was great motivation for me.”

Prom Night: A Bust Or A Blast?

Egan: “Blast. I went with really good friends of mine as my dates for the junior and senior proms.”

Khalil: “I didn’t go to prom.”

Morrow: “Because there were so many smaller high schools around us, I ended up going to five senior proms and they were mostly a blast.”

Reunion: Attend It Or Skip It?

Egan: “I will definitely attend. I’m still best friends with all of my friends from high school. However, I would still go to see everyone in person.”

Khalil: “Attend.”

Morrow: “I’ve never been to one and have no interest. I’m just not into reunions.”

Where Is Your Diploma Now?

Egan: “I have no idea.”

Khalil: “At my mom’s house.”

Morrow: “I believe my mother has that, and if she doesn’t, then it’s in a box in my garage.”

In High School, My Dream Career Was:

Egan: “It was definitely to be an actress and everyone else knew that. I’m so grateful that my dream came true.”

Khalil: “A veterinarian.”

Morrow: “Although it wasn’t a realistic goal, I wanted to be an NBA basketball player.”