AMC Actors Dish The Latest On Prospect Park

Tribute to pine valley men Bergman

At the first night of the Tribute To Pine Valley tour held at Town Hall in New York City on October 25, Prospect Park's plans to relaunch AMC on the Internet was a hot topic of discussion among the stars present, Vincent Irizarry (David), Michael E. Knight (Tad), Cameron Mathison (Ryan), Walt Willey (Jack), Darnell Williams (Jesse) and Jacob Young (ex-JR, now B&B's Rick). It was news to Williams that PP-secured co-star Lindsay Hartley (Cara) had revealed on Twitter that he had signed on ("I didn't know I was announced") and cautioned that the "new" AMC "is still way up in the air." Mathison, who has also made a deal with PP, stated, "It's only a question of when, not a matter of if," while acknowledging that there are "things to get over to make it a reality." All six actors expressed hope that the show would indeed go on. "I don't know if I'll be on the show, but I'm excited to see it!" joked Willey. As for Young, he let it slip to fans that his deal with B&B is short-term, and seemed open to the possibility of reprising the role of JR down the line. "Let's see what these Prospect Park guys can bring to the table," he said.