2021 Summer Preview


Summer is going to be hotter than ever in Los Angeles, teases Executive Producer/ Head Writer Bradley Bell.

Liam/Hope/Bill: “Unable to cope with his guilt any longer, Liam defies Bill, and has confessed his role in Vinny’s death. Faced with the prospect of being torn apart once again, these star-crossed lovers find themselves at another cross-roads. The outcome leads to a sensational act of forgiveness. The story culminates in a shocking twist that could change the lives of the Spencer men — and Spencer Publications — forever.”

Thomas: “Thomas is furious when he learns that Liam is responsible for Vinny’s death, but the magnitude of what Thomas finds out next lands him in a dangerous situation.”

Steffy/Finn: “Steffy and Finn welcome their beautiful new baby. Happiness abounds as they begin to navigate their lives together as a blended family. This summer, we will learn something rather surprising about Finn’s family.”

Eric/Quinn/Carter/Zoe/Paris: “The passion between Quinn and Carter is undeniably steamy. The beginning of June finds them agreeing to put their secret affair behind them and move forward with their lives with Eric and Zoe. Happy that Eric has finally forgiven her for the role she played in breaking up Ridge and Brooke, Quinn moves back home. Carter reunites with Zoe, who is trying to put Carter’s ‘one night’ with Shauna in her rearview mirror. However, the chemistry between Carter and Quinn remains combustible. They try to work together as friends. That situation proves to be tricky, especially when Paris makes an astonishing discovery!”


Head Writer Ron Carlivati reveals his plans for Salem.

EJ/Sami/Lucas: “Lucas and Sami have slept together more than once, and then EJ shows up. EJ comes in like, ‘I know I’ve been a terrible husband. I know that I’ve been distant but I’m putting all that behind me and I’m going to be the perfect husband because I love you so much.’ So that puts the pressure on Sami. This is the EJ she wanted. Now he’s here, and we wonder if and when EJ is going to find out about Lucas and Sami. So we bring him home with twin goals: to fix his marriage, first and foremost, and because he wants to take his place at DiMera, so you’ll have to see how the politics and dynamics of that work out, where he enlists Chad and Tony to try to overthrow Jake.”

Kate/Jake/Gabi: “She’s faking the amnesia and this blindness; essentially, she wants to torture Gabi and Jake. She doesn’t necessarily want Jake back. She just wants to punish and torment Gabi because they got together behind her back. It will be fun to see how long Gabi will put up with this situation.”

Sami/Nicole: “The rivalry between Sami and Nicole is really money in the bank to me. Sami is fixated on proving that Nicole cheated on her brother. Nicole, who doesn’t like playing the victim, decides she’s going to turn it around on Sami. Luckily for her, she gets on to the fact that Sami may be hiding a very similar secret. So you’ve got this battle going on of who will get the goods on who first and who will expose who first?”

Ben/Ciara: “Ciara shows up on Ben’s door-step to demand that he sign the divorce papers, and she has a very big reason for why she needs them signed. Where is the tipping point where Ben is like, ‘I have to do something before it’s too late?’ We wanted there to be a good cliffhanger for the Olympic break, so when we come back from it, we will see whether Ben and Ciara will get their romantic reunion or not.”

Xander/Gwen: “I always felt that crossing these two characters would be fun. They’re two troublemakers and I thought they would make a good match in a lot of ways. They cross paths under Jack’s roof and don’t like each other right away, which you know means sparks are going to fly. He is trying to help her with her Dr. Snyder problem, and she’s not used to having help, but she might actually need him a little bit, even if she doesn’t want it.”

Abe/Paulina: “Paulina sells this plan to Abe, which in theory, is wonderful. It’s supposed to be an incentive for small businesses run by people of color to make Horton Town Square more diverse. But we see that what she’s been selling is not exactly the same as what she’s planning, and her plans are going to be at odds with the feelings she’s developing for everyone in town, especially Lani and Abe.”

Lani/Eli: “Eli and Lani’s one-year anniversary is coming up in July and they’re planning to celebrate and it is coinciding with the groundbreaking of Paulina’s plans for town square, so those two events are going to collide.”

Tripp/Allie/Chanel: “Tripp sees the dynamic between Chanel and Allie, but is trying to be a menschy guy and take Allie at her word that she’s interested in pursuing something with him, not Chanel. But I think Allie may be a little bit in denial of what her feelings truly are for Chanel and maybe she was too quick to brush it under the rug. And Allie and Chanel decide to start a business together; these BFFs are very close.”

Rafe/Nicole/Ava: “Nicole pushed Rafe toward Ava, and now that it’s a reality, it’s harder for Nicole, especially now that her marriage is crumbling. And Ava is a pretty smart cookie and she starts to see that Nicole is maybe suddenly not as big of a cheer-leader of Rafe and Ava as she was before. At the same time, Nicole is still a married woman and her ideal situation is that Eric comes home. But it just may not turn out that way.”

Brady/Chloe/Philip: “Chloe has a romantic past with both Brady and Philip, and both were very popular pairings and have their fan bases so we’re trying to have the best of both worlds and play this triangle. Now that Kristen is caught and out of the way and Brady writes her off, suddenly Chloe becomes an option again. But Brady is gun-shy so it allows Philip and Chloe to get off to more of a start while Brady is licking his wounds over Kristen. But Brady doesn’t like to be alone for too long. I think it’s going to be exciting to revisit both couples.”

Justin /Bonnie/Steve/ Kayla: “Bonnie wants to take her relationship with Justin public, but we’ll see that Steve and Kayla still have their doubts about Bonnie, more so Steve, since Adrienne was his sister and Bonnie wronged her so much. But Bonnie somehow feels if Steve and Kayla give their official stamp of approval to this relationship, it legitimizes her to everybody so she’s really after that.”


Co-Head Writers Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor outline what’s in store for Port Charles.

Sonny/Nina: “Nina has crossed a line with Sonny. What began as vengeance for her daughter has turned into something more. She has fallen hard for the man she has come to know as ‘Mike’. But soon she’s forced to choose between happiness in Nixon Falls and victory in Port Charles. Meanwhile, Sonny swoops in for friends in need.”

Jason/Britt: “Jason and Britt give in to their feelings while on the run. But they face an uncertain future. Can Jason continue to protect Britt when the crime war in Port Charles comes to a head?”

Carly: “Carly makes a big power move to rid Port Charles of Cyrus once and for all. But with high reward comes high risk. Defeating Cyrus may come at the ultimate price.”

Anna/Valentin: “Anna and Valentin team up to track down a missing loved one.”

Laura/Cyrus: “The feud between these siblings will reach a boiling point this summer, leaving them both forever changed.”

Finn: “Finn races to save his son before he becomes Peter’s latest victim. But is Chase Finn’s son — or his brother?”

Elizabeth: “Elizabeth becomes privy to a terrible crime. How far will she go to protect her family?”

Roger Howarth’s Re- entrance: “Roger’s new character has an interest in a prominent Port Charles family. He’ll shake up the canvas in surprising ways as summer unfolds.”

Chase/Michael/Willow: “Michael and Willow put their feelings on hold until Chase is better, but can they keep their love in check? Chase makes a big decision about his future.”

Maxie/Brook Lynn: “Brook Lynn and Maxie scheme to outmaneuver Valentin and Peter, but the strain may be too much for Maxie to bear. Meanwhile, Brook Lynn’s new role will have big ripple effects for ELQ and the entire Quartermaine clan.”

Sam/Dante: “Sam and Dante butt heads but there’s a thin line between love and hate.”

Alexis/Shawn: “Alexis and Shawn’s bond in Pentonville continues to grow. Despite his wishes, she will enlist Molly and TJ into getting to the truth.”

Nikolas/Ava: “Ava and Nikolas arrive at a make-or-break moment when the stalker ups the ante.”

Jordan/Curtis/Portia/Taggert: “Jordan and Curtis work together when lives are on the line. Will their love be rekindled, or will Curtis take the plunge with Portia?”

Jax: “Jax is unsettled by Carly’s newfound position as head of the Corinthos crime family. He won’t rest until he knows Josslyn is protected.”

Sasha/Brando: “Brando’s duplicity has him and Sasha in Cyrus’s crosshairs.”

The Teens: “Josslyn and Cameron get a blast from the past. Trina’s fired up for her graduation party, but will she make it there alive?”


Co-Executive Producer/Head Writer Josh Griffith shares the scoop.

Nikki/Victor: “Victor and Adam have set up shop at Newman Media and their first order of business is to take down Billy and ChanceComm. However, we will soon learn that Victor and Adam will share a difference of opinion about their strategies for revenge. Nikki is happy that Victor has a better relationship with Adam, but she questions Adam’s motives and will waste no time in sending him a warning shot. Victor and Nikki will find time for romance when Victor makes a grand gesture to celebrate Nikki’s birthday.”

Chelsea/Adam/Sharon/Rey: “Chelsea is determined to get released from the facility and reunite with Connor. Both Victor and Chloe will wonder if Chelsea is indeed spiraling out of control. Rey is still suspicious of Chelsea’s confession and how she could have acted alone in poisoning [him], which puts Chloe in the hot seat. Adam will do his best to embrace his fresh start. Adam and Sharon will learn that resisting their connection is harder than they realized.”

Kyle/Summer/Sally: “As Kyle adjusts to fatherhood, the Lockes’ return to Genoa City will challenge Kyle and Summer’s relationship. The Lockes’ separation will be volatile, with Tara turning to Kyle for support. Nick and Phyllis worry that Summer’s commitment to Kyle will once again cause her heartbreak. Summer will be distracted by her relationship drama and will not notice that Sally Spectra has one more trick up her sleeve as she seeks revenge against her rival.”

Ashland: “The reveal of Harrison’s paternity will fuel Ashland’s anger, which puts Jack in defensive mode, ready to protect both Jabot and Kyle at all costs. Meanwhile, Ashland and Victoria will discover they have more in common than they realized and will quickly form a bond both in and out of the boardroom.”

Amanda/Devon: “As Amanda works on Sutton’s defense, she will uncover more secrets and lies about her new family. Devon helps Amanda with her struggle of wanting to connect with her family and her doubts if she can trust them. Amanda will make a shocking discovery that will be a game-changer for her.”

Elena/Nate: “Elena and Nate will find themselves on the path to a new beginning, but Elena should not get too comfortable as she will soon have some competition for Nate’s attention.”

Billy/Lily: “Billy and Lily will adjust to not only growing ChanceComm but living together. Lily will do her best to establish a relationship with Billy’s kids while Billy works to control his rebellious nature and not use ChanceComm as a weapon against his enemies.”

Abby/Mariah: “Mariah adjusts to her pregnancy and how the decision to carry a child for Abby has changed her lifestyle more than she thought. Meanwhile, Abby and Nina’s concern about Chance’s whereabouts leads them to turn to Christine for help locating Chance.”