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INTURN, the reality show in which actors compete for a 13-week gig on AS THE WORLD TURNS, is coming back for a third season. In-person casting calls will be held in Orlando, FL, on January 19 and Richmond, VA, on January 26. Contestants aged 18-36 can also submit a tape for consideration. Before you go to for more information, check out the advice that INTURN 2 winner Ryan Serhant, currently appearing as Evan Walsh IV, has for the next nine.

Soap Opera Digest: What do you think should happen in INTURN 3?

Ryan Serhant: Personally, I think INTURN kind of does it the wrong way. I’d like to see it be a contest for a specific character. I think it would be a lot more interesting for viewers, since they’re always bringing on new characters, like Sofie, Cole, Chris, Casey … I’m not singling anyone else, I’m just saying that if within the next year they knew they were bringing on a new character or some sort of recast, that INTURN could be a competition for that. INTURN has nine completely different actors. To single anyone else is pretty biased. It makes me kind of uncomfortable. To say that I was the best is complete bull.

Digest: It’s like an “apples and oranges” thing.

Serhant: Exactly. You look at the people who are voting and you get a huge female demographic. So who are they going to pick when it comes down to it? So to do it all over again, I don’t completely support it. To anyone who wants to do it, I say, ‘Go all out. Don’t hold anything back,’ because it’s also a reality show.
Digest: Do you keep in touch with anyone?

Serhant: Lauretta [Vaughn, Kit], definitely, because she’s there all the time. The others, not so much, because no one else lives in the city.

Digest: Do you see [Executive Producer] Chris Goutman around?

Serhant: I’ve gone to talk to him a couple of times, but he hasn’t been there. I see him in the halls, but we never really talk.

Digest: You probably had more interaction with him on INTURN than on WORLD TURNS.

Serhant: Yeah, it’s very weird. On INTURN, there’s a lot of communication between everybody, between Goutman’s feedback and Richard’s [Mensing, VP, CBS Daytime East Coast] feedback. Everyone’s sort of talking to you and guiding you through the process for the most part. As soon as I won and got on the show, all of a sudden no one talks to you anymore. It’s weird, in that respect. Once you get there, you’re sort of on your own [laughs]!

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