Update: More Good News For Y&R's Jeanne Cooper

Corbin Bernsen (ex-Todd, Y&R; ex-Durant, GH) posted another update about his hospitalized mother, Jeanne Cooper (Katherine, Y&R). "Mom is doing remarkably well. In her own room now and I just spoke to her, with clear 'I love you's' going back and forth. I know she's not thrilled about any of this… if you know her, followed her over the years, or have read her book, you know she's ready to get back into the world and kick some ass." The actor posted a photo of his mother making a hand gesture that Facebook removed, much to Bernsen's chagrin. "As you saw, so many people appreciated this and then FB took it down! Not even sure how or where to contact FB to say please put it back up. She's disappointed it was removed as so many were thrilled to see her smiling face. Does anyone know what to do here. This is ridiculous. She's doing great today, but this was a bummer."

UPDATE: Earlier today, Bernsen updated the situation on FB saying, "I'm glad most of you had a chance to see the photo, but along with taking it down came a "threat" that if I continue to post photos like this they will shut me down. I think it's all pretty generic and they don't even really look at what they are taking down, only acting on someone's "reporting it." I think what might have happened is that some people posted a photo I only put on Twitter – which has more relaxed standards – of my mom giving me the finger. I didn't post it on FB specifically out of respect to FB and some fans who might not want to see it. I think that someone reported "that photo" up on a few peoples's pages… not really sure. Either way, most of you saw it and you can still find it, so I'm not going to risk getting "shut down." That said, I will take another photo today with me in it with her – a smiling "family photo" – which they should have no problem with. And given that she's doing better each day, it will be a newer progress photo anyway. In the meantime, FB hasn't responded to my request to re post it, so perhaps many of you can "flood them" with the request and challenge what they have done. They need to know that they've made a mistake. I will, through the day, try to reach higher up at FB, but I'm just a guy on TV, so who knows. I do want to repeat something here that was removed with my post that I think bears repeating more than the photo… my mother ADAMANTLY, ABUNDANTLY AND WILL AGGRESSIVELY try to get back to work. She ain't done with Duchess! Look for photo later in day. "